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Tag: productivity

How To Close More Sales By Building Momentum

Momentum influences the entire sales process. Whether you are cold calling and trying to get a prospect to give you air time on the phone or if you’re attempting to close a sale with a new business prospect or even a customer. If you don’t have momentum, then chances are you won’t achieve the desirable output. Whether that be the opportunity to meet with the buyer, or opportunity to quote or fundamentally the ability to sell to them.   It’s a funny thing momentum, because it’s incredibly hard to develop,… Read more How To Close More Sales By Building Momentum

When’re You At Your Most Productive?

This is a question that all of the elite will ask of themselves. We want to know what time or conditions provide us with the peak performance that we desire. In turn we can then use this information to leverage the greatest level of output. If we consistently have high levels of productivity, then we achieve more.   The hardest question is how do we tap into our peak performance levels? Then how to we achieve this on a consistent basis?   In sales if we can answer this and… Read more When’re You At Your Most Productive?