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How To Close More Sales By Building Momentum

Momentum influences the entire sales process. Whether you are cold calling and trying to get a prospect to give you air time on the phone or if you’re attempting to close a sale with a new business prospect or even a customer. If you don’t have momentum, then chances are you won’t achieve the desirable output. Whether that be the opportunity to meet with the buyer, or opportunity to quote or fundamentally the ability to sell to them.   It’s a funny thing momentum, because it’s incredibly hard to develop,… Read more How To Close More Sales By Building Momentum

How To Measure Your Success

  This article is more so directed at those whom are Struggling to hit their sales targets New to sales Striving to be the best sales person in their business and/or industry   Without measurement we as sale people are powerless in our pursuit of improvement. Without a marker and a comparison, our ambition to improve cannot be fulfilled. Improvement of any kind needs to be quantitative, meaning that it can be measured.   Now most sales people measure themselves merely on their sales results to which they address: Their… Read more How To Measure Your Success

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