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Improve or Stagnate!

I went in to see a customer today and was empowered by what I saw, so much as to share the story with you all.   It’s all about improvement, it’s something I preach about in my coaching and so do many others. Tony Robbins calls in CANI – constant and never-ending improvement, the Japanese call it Kaizen and the great Steven Covey calls it Sharpen the Saw.   It’s a concept that is as true today as it was 100 years ago and will be the same a millennium… Read more Improve or Stagnate!

Perseverance – The Catalyst to Success in Sales

In this post I’m going to talk about the power of perseverance and reflect on a story that I think of when I feel discontent.   Sales is difficult, the average tenure of a sales representative is 2.6 years, reflective of how hard it can be. The trouble many people have in sales is that they become disillusioned too quickly. Their work rate and attitude starts out so positively but then they begin to waver as time passes by. This is from the constant rejection, knocks and failure we experience on a… Read more Perseverance – The Catalyst to Success in Sales

An Easy Tip for Building Rapport in a Sales Conversation

This post touches on some rapport building techniques which if applied correctly will transform the way that you build relationships.   I learnt this from reading some of the great authors whom are authorities on the subject. So let me start by bringing to light their techniques. First of all Dale Carnegie, in his book, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ he identifies some truly profound concepts which I believe would aid any sales icon in their rapport building. I highly recommend you read this book at some point,… Read more An Easy Tip for Building Rapport in a Sales Conversation

Sales – The Importance of Trials

In this article I’m going to identify the reason why trials and proof of concepts are so valuable. If you want to improve your sales then try focusing on this approach.   Let me start with highlighting a sales technique, some of you may have heard of the drug dealer sales technique before, if you haven’t then let me explain.   Drug dealers are renowned for poaching new business customers with a fantastic first experience. If they have a new customer then often they’ll use one of two approaches:  … Read more Sales – The Importance of Trials

Sales Help – When to Call Time of Death on a Prospect?

One of my biggest challenges in sales has always been when to call time of death on an opportunity or prospect in general. In this post I’m going to explain this challenge in more depth as its most probably something you’ve experienced too! Then I’m going to talk about the psychology around this and some tips that can help you.   So first let me set the scene. Have you ever watched a soap opera or movie that had a scene in it where a person is being resuscitated? They’ll… Read more Sales Help – When to Call Time of Death on a Prospect?

Sales Acumen – Use it or Lose it!

The negative to becoming successful is that often we neglect the activities that made us successful which can cause skill depreciation. Think about how a car loses its value the older it gets, it depreciates, well it’s possible for your level of skill to depreciate also.   When sales people become successful often they start to drop core activities that made them successful, commonly cold calling is dropped. Skill depreciation will happen with any skill, but to make my point let’s use cold calling as an example. Now cold calling… Read more Sales Acumen – Use it or Lose it!