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Dare to Up Your Averages?

Now that the start of the year is here, there is no better time to set a challenge for yourself. We recently saw a study which showed that an average sales rep will Make 33 dials and send 33 emails a day Attain 6.3 quality conversations per day At Sales Icon Coaching we preach about how the key to sales is consistency of activity. The activity that goes into prospecting will be returned in results – we reap what we sew! So why not set yourself a prospecting challenge for… Read more Dare to Up Your Averages?

What’re Your Sales Weaknesses

Often seeing ourselves objectively is one of the most difficult tasks. It’s ingrained within us to try to avoid bad news about ourselves, or be honest and critical as to how we measure up in comparison to our peers or where we need to be in order to achieve our goals. How do you assess your sales acumen at the moment? Do you know where your weaknesses lie? How have you prioritised which areas of your acumen to improve? If any or all of these questions are unanswered for you… Read more What’re Your Sales Weaknesses

Empathy – Attribute of the Sales Elite

We at Sales Icon Coaching advocate that one of the most powerful selling techniques at your disposal is Pain & Pleasure Selling. We delve into this in great depth in the book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows but for an introduction to the topic please do review the article below: Now a key skill that any sales person requires, especially those whom want to exercise Pain & Pleasure selling is empathy. If you lack a level of empathy then chances are you’re going to struggle in sales. Empathy… Read more Empathy – Attribute of the Sales Elite

How Self-Doubt Can Limit Your Potential in Sales

It’s common that the biggest challenge a sales person has is with themselves. Often our biggest demons don’t sit on the outside, they lie within. Our nemesis isn’t the prospect on the other side of the phone or the meeting table. Our nemesis is our own self-doubt. It’s that nagging voice in the back of your mind which tells you that you’re not good enough, or you’re going to make a mistake or you’re out of your depth and soon you’ll be found out. Self-doubt can spread inside our mind… Read more How Self-Doubt Can Limit Your Potential in Sales

We Recommend Reading This Book Over the Holidays

With the holidays coming up very soon, I plan to use some of the downtime for reading a few books as it’s one of my great loves in life.   If anyone out there is searching for their next sales book then I strongly recommend reading How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger It’s a fantastic read. I will share with you one great insight from the book. Not that I’m into poetry but this Poem on organisation really hit home with me, I… Read more We Recommend Reading This Book Over the Holidays

How to Close More Business Using Prime Buying Conditions

If you want to become an effective closer of sales then you must become familiar with the concept of Prime Buying Condition.   Ask a question of yourself and your approach currently. How do you distinguish between your closing opportunities at the moment? Or maybe a better question is do you distinguish between your opportunities that are closing?   The truth is that most sales people don’t, they merely have a list of opportunities where the decision is due to be made this week, month or quarter. Their approach then… Read more How to Close More Business Using Prime Buying Conditions

Nurture Your Way to Success in Sales

I talk about a lot of psychology in my articles as it’s important to understand how the human brain works for any interaction we have, especially when we’re trying to sell.   If I had to pick one of the most important pieces of psychology for new business development it would have to be the familiarity principle. If you missed this you can find it here:   Basically the more familiar we become with anyone the more their barriers dissipate, “we develop greater positive feelings the more we… Read more Nurture Your Way to Success in Sales

How Peers Can Compromise Your Work Rate

When you’re trying to stay focused on your goals and work hard, one of the hardest challenges is the work rate of your peers.   This is most common for sales people starting out either in selling or in a new role. They hammer away at their selling activities, making the gruelling cold calls, doing networking events, dropping in at customers, making sales pitch after sales pitch and winning some business but losing others on their way. They get to a stage of slight discontent thinking “is this going to… Read more How Peers Can Compromise Your Work Rate