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Simon Lees

Author, Coach, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur

How to Optimise Your Sales Closing (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part one to this article, or you need a refresher then here’s the link to it:   To summarise, in part 1 of this article I talked about the importance of evaluating where our time is best invested in our pipeline. In that we shouldn’t merely take a blanket approach to focus solely on the large opportunities. Instead we should ‘play the percentages’ and evaluate which opportunities have a good chance of closing in relation to their value.   In this article I’m going to… Read more How to Optimise Your Sales Closing (Part 2)


Why Sales People Should Understand Every Part of Their Own Business

Buyers don’t like the unknown. They want assurances for what they are buying into with you and your business. It is for this reason that it’s important that we understand every facet of the process within our respective businesses.   Just reflect for a moment that you’re in the buying seat for once. You’re sitting down with a sales person whom you’re thinking about buying from and this sales person is scintillating. Not only do they know their solution like the back of their hand, they also have knowledge of… Read more Why Sales People Should Understand Every Part of Their Own Business

What Treasures are Hiding in Your Career?

One of the books (in actual fact I had it on audio book to listen to when driving) that changed my life was Earl Nightingales ‘Lead The Field.’ It’s by no means the most well-known book, but every single story, anecdote and lesson changed my outlook on life and business.   I want to share one of the stories from the book with you all. If you get a chance do go out and buy the book or audio-book.   This story resonates with me so deeply for the fact… Read more What Treasures are Hiding in Your Career?

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