Change Your Sales Success Through This 20 Minute Podcast Episode

Hello to all my sales friends out there, I hope you’re all safe and well in these troubled time!

A rather different article from me today, short and sweet.

If you have some time spare and would like to learn some concepts from my book Sales Icon completely free then here’s your chance.

I’ve included below a link to the podcast called The Sales Chat Show where I discuss with Simon, Phil and Graham some of the key concepts from my book including:

  • Sales journey plans
  • Pitfalls in sales
  • Momentum
  • Momentum crescendo

For those your you looking to refine your sales craft I strongly recommend you subscribe to their podcast. All their episodes are thought provoking and make me reflect on how I could do things differently.

Have a listen, you won’t regret subscribing!

Here’s the link, hope you enjoy listening

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