Don’t Be An Insensitive P****, Look After Your Staff

Often, we’re astounded by how some managers treat their staff. We hear and witness countless scenarios where managers have been given a lucrative opportunity to influence a member of their team in a positive way. Often at this moment they have two options

  1. Be the caring empathetic boss who gains the buy in of their staff member
  2. Be the insensitive p**** who doesn’t think about what’s best for that individual or the long term effect

Sadly, too often, managers opt for option two. So in a bid to warn against such an approach, we’ve written this article, we hope this example aids you in the future to either avoid/move away from bad managers or become a better manager yourself.

An Opportune Moment

Just to set the scene, I should just touch on the topic of opportune moments. We recently wrote an article on the topic of opportune moments. We define them as looking for those opportunities where you can go above and beyond for your customers or prospects, that’s from a sales led approach. Though opportune moments don’t only relate to sales and a salespersons interactions with a buyer. They also relate internally to any business, to any manager and staff relationship.

For further background, if you missed our article on opportune moments then you can find it here.

A Recent Experience

So as I was saying, opportune moments aren’t only applicable for buyers or customers, it’s the same for your staff and colleagues too.

I recently had a circumstance where one of my team got injured in their personal life. Long story short they were playing football and badly injured their ankle. Now to just give you a bit more background, this person is a young guy, he’s newly joined our team and still within his probation period. But he has been performing fantastically well.

He called me the morning after his injury and told me the full story. He rather graciously asked if I’d allow him to work from home that day to mend up and go to have it checked out.

It was here that I realised I had two choices, what step did I take? Well in a heartbeat I agreed, and told him he can take as long as he needs but to let me know if it’s a longer term requirement and I’ll sort something for him.

Now I could have taken a very different approach. I could have said “No you have to take it as holiday or as unpaid.” But instead I thought of the concept of opportune moments. If I take route two, being a hard arsed p****, of saying “Be here, or on holiday or no pay!” Then what would I have gained?

Chances are I’d have a disgruntled employee who no longer would be devoted to the cause as he has been. The opposing option was route one, take advantage of this opportune moment. Give the lad the encourage and time he needs and he’ll come back and be more devoted, more motivated, more grateful and dedicated than he’s ever been.

I went for route one, and I’d follow this every time. I found an opportune moment to go above and beyond for a member of my staff and I’ll be repaid tenfold in what he’ll do for me in the future.


So next time you’re in the same position with a colleague or member of your team, heed the advice of opportune moments. Don’t be the hard arsed p****, be the caring, considerate person that they need in that moment and you’ll be repaid more than you can ever imagine.

Opportune moments of this manner will appear in various forms, whether that be bereavement, their children’s sports days, vet trips with pets and many more. Next time such a circumstance arises just reflect on the options you have and what long term effect your verdict will make. That moment, that decision can either be one of encouragement or discouragement. When it doubt, pick option one!

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