Invest In Yourself For Results

How much do you invest in yourself? Peculiar question I know but just reflect on it briefly.

If were to you look at some of the most successful people in any profession, often that which differentiates them from the average is the fact that they’ve made a constant investment in themselves. That’s the common denominator between those who lead any field. For some this investment is in learning, you’ll have probably seen the statistics that the average CEO of any business reads more than 60 books a year. But that’s not all they’ll do, they’ll listen to podcasts, go on courses, attend seminars or pay for coaches or consultants.

For some it goes far beyond just education on a topic, they’ll try to keep their body and mind in perfect condition and harmony to maintain their standing wherever that might be.

But just to paint this picture more vividly for you, let’s look at an example of one of the greatest basketball players to grace the game…

Lebron James

Before we talk about what Lebron does and how he invests in himself, let us first look at his success and what he’s achieved in his prestigious career.

Just a couple of the accolades he holds include that he’s been an NBA champion three times, each time he was named the MVP. He’s a 15 time NBA all-star and voted the most valuable player in the NBA four times. In the season of 19-20 he’s reported to be the highest paid basketball player topping out at a reported $134m.

But how did he achieve such heights? How does he maintain his dominance within the sport? Well unlike many of his peers, Lebron invests an astounding amount in himself. It is reported that each year he spends in excess of $1.5M on his health. He pays for nutritionists, personal trainers, cryotherapy, hypobaric chambers, personal chefs and for specialist foods just to name a couple of the areas. Just to reiterate, that’s $1.5m on the development of himself.

The result of such an investment in himself? Well did you know that Lebron has never missed more than 15% of a season, that’s almost unheard of, especially for a man that is approaching his mid-thirties. But not only that, his investment in his mind and body has enabled him to excel in his sport, so much so that he’s considered by many as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Your Investment

So what’s your investment in yourself?

Typically, most sales people invest little to nothing in themselves. When was the last time you went to a personal development seminar, or paid for a course, or even invested in some good books in your field?

To become the elite, what we depict as a sales icon we must continuously invest in ourselves and our development.

As Ray Kroc defines it:

“When you’re green you grow, when you ripen you rot”

Ray Kroc

You can be two types of people reading this post, the one who reads it and does nothing, or the sales icon whom reads it and takes action.

If there’s one thing I hope it encourages you to do is to take a moment of introspection. If you’re not receiving the results and outcomes that you desire, ask yourself if this correlates to your investment in you?

We see countless sales people talk the talk of wanting to be the best sales person in their company or their field. But when we ask, what was the last book on sales your read? Or when did you last attend a workshop on sales? That’s when we find out how much they truly want it!

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