Take Your Cold Calling To The Next Level

Do you want to take your cold calling to the next level?

We’ve had many people contact us regarding our series on mastering cold calling and utilising our guide for the perfect cold calling structure. We’ve been humbled by the response, thank you so much to those whom have contacted us with their feedback after using the structure.

Though what we’ve realised is that some people are having trouble applying the structure and have asked for further examples. Therefore in this article we’re going to provide you with the structure that a Sales Icon has sent to us earlier last week. It’s put together incredibly well so we thought that we just have to share it with you all.

To start with let us provide some basic context.


Just to add some context, our knowledge of this sales icons industry is limited but he made us aware that his business specialises in Cyber Security, to which they’re selling into Small to Medium Enterprises. He had toyed with different intrigue and captivate statements in a bid to use that which is as powerful (influential) as possible. Where he really focused his time was on the Lead stage, in pinpointing which questions stimulated a conversation with a buyer and which helped him to uncover as much pain as he could.

The Structure

Before we go any further, let’s have a quick refresher, the structure for this cold calling followed the mnemonic

“Only I Can Love Prospecting”

Which stands for

O – Open

I – Intrigue

C – Captivate

L – Lead

P – Position

If you haven’t read our previous articles on this then not to worry, at the bottom of this article we have our previous posts where you can navigate through this series on perfecting your cold calling.

Sales Icon Example

Now let’s dive into what the sales icon put together, he followed the below guide on every phone call he made until he’d perfect his delivery, tonality, positivity, pace etc. The guide that he developed is as below:

  1. Open

    My name is X from …

  2. Intrigue

    – “Their Name”
    – I know you’re a busy person.
    – This call is on the topic of cyber security.
    – We work with customers from highly governed financial bodies down to local small businesses
    – I wanted to see if you could spare some time on the phone to discuss best practice in cyber security?

  3. Captivate

    – Great, well to set the scene “name”
    – To begin with let me highlight some of the typical customer challenges we encounter

    Prevent cyber security breaches
    – Average cost to SME – tens thousands – hit once every 3 years

    Compliance/Outside Influence
    – Tenders or have customers/suppliers whom need to prove compliance in their supply chain
    – Examples…

    How we help?
    – Range of solution
    – From cyber security audits
    – Enterprise level solutions for end point protection, patch management, web and content filtering
    – we’d advise that for the best approach to have a Multi layered cyber security solution

  4. Lead

    – Solutions differ for every business
    – Important to understand more about you and your setup.
    – Wanted to ask a couple questions if that’s ok with you?

    – What are your concerns with Cyber Security?

    – What cyber security protection do you have in place currently?

    – How Savvy are end users on cyber security?

    – What cyber security breaches or potential breaches have you incurred?

  5. Position

    – Overview of pain?
    – For me to advise accurately we need to schedule a face to face meeting
    – (Alternate close)
    – I have X or Y free next week, when works better with you?


This sales icon has reported to us that through using this structure alone they’ve been the beneficiary of some drastic results. He feels more confident on the phone, he’s booking more meetings but most importantly he’s having more quality conversations with buyers over the phone. Some he seldom had before using the structure. He’s uncovering more pain than he ever has and that’s getting him substantially more airtime to sell and make commission.

Take Action

Why don’t you give this a try too. You have nothing to lose the steps are simple to follow and out together.

Your Feedback

We’d love to hear your feedback of how you too are using this structure, what a difference it has made and if you need any further pointers. Please do message directly on LinkedIn, we’d love to hear from you.

Next Level Cold Calling

Separately, if you want to take your cold calling to the next level then try using reference literature in conjunction with this structure.

In our book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows we delve into the concept of reference literature, how valuable it can be, what it should consist of and how to utilise it to the upmost effect. Our book is available to buy in the below link on amazon.


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