Positioning A Close With The Buyer On A Cold Call

This article is the Position part of the series on the topic of the perfect phone call structure.

There are five prior to this, why not start by reading the introduction to the perfect cold calling structure.


So remember the structure to follow for any call is

“Only I Can Love Prospecting”

Outlining the structure that is:

  • Open
  • Intrigue
  • Captivate
  • Lead
  • Position

In this article we’re going to delve into…


First of all, let us reflect on where we have come with the perfect phone call structure. We’ve given out our opening statement to build rapport but most of all confirm that we’re speaking with the buyer whom has the authority to make the decision.

We have used our intrigue statement to peak their interest, at least enough so that they commit further time on the phone with us.

We’ve used our captivation statement to outline how we have helped other customers with challenges that may resonate with them, but also given a holistic summary of other challenges we help to overcome.

Then we’ve transitioned to the lead, whereby we’re uncovering a wealth of pain and/or desired pleasure state for the buyer. This questioning is targeted in such a way as to revolve around our strengths so that on occasion we can use a strength statement to justify the areas where we excel so that we can be differentiated above our competition.

Now it’s time to position things, to close off with the buyer and attain the outcome that you desire.

Key Things

You’ve done all of the hard work thus far, if you’ve reached this stage you’re one step away from your desired outcome. That being said, all your work could be for nothing should you not execute the position stage in the right manner.

The key things to focus on here are

  • Summarise
  • Suggest
  • Close

We’ll delve into these areas now.


Start by giving a brief summary of that which you’ve uncovered in your conversation. Make sure to hone in on their main points of pain, emotional pain and desired pleasure state.

For instance “John if I just summarise our conversation, you mentioned how you’re struggling with X and that Y is becoming a constant frustration for you every day.”

Note that this summary doesn’t have to be lengthy, nor does it need to include every point you’ve discussed. Merely pick out the main topics that hold some power behind them, ideally those pain points you can help overcome or a pleasure state you can aid them in reaching.


Now it’s time to suggest a viable course of action. This will more often than not revolve around what you can do for them and a viable step to help accomplish this. The step can be any medium which you deem appropriate. For instance you may deem a face to face meeting to be the avid next step. Alternatively a conference call or webinar maybe better suited.

You, and only you, can gauge what level of commitment is appropriate to suggest, and which medium is suited. Below is a brief example of what we mean in terms of suggestion content:

“An avid next step would be to schedule a face to face meeting in the diary to discuss where we can help you overcome these challenges.”


The next step is to close and get that commitment booked in, “How’s Tuesday afternoon next week work for you?” or “I’m in your area the week commencing X, when’s best with you on that week?”

A personal favourite of ours in the alternate close. If you’ve not heard or used this before it’s pretty simple, basically you give the buyer two options, so something like

“I’m available either next Tuesday morning or next Wednesday afternoon, which suits you better?”


So now is the time to take action. Use what you’ve learnt in this series of articles and take action. Tailor this approach of “Only I Can Love Prospecting” to work for your conversation style, your business and offering. Then once you’ve tailored your approach take action, remember the quote:

“Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.”

Thomas A. Edison

So execute on that which you put together. Create a structure or guide of this calling structure then take action, make the calls. Every single dial will improve your call guide, approach and results bit by bit. Don’t be that sales person that merely reads the article, be that sales icon that reads then executes and achieves the results that their peers envy!

Good luck with your prospecting, should you need any further help then do send us a direct message on LinkedIn.

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