The Perfect Cold Calling Structure

How do we become more effective at Cold Calling? Or as a matter of fact not just Cold Calling, how do we become more effective on the phone in general?

Well the secret is structure!

To be effective at Cold Calling you need to follow a proven structure. This structure is an approach that when perfected will keep buyers on the phone for longer and aid any sales person in attaining their desired outcome, whatever that form of commitment might be.

This article, and those which follow, will introduce you to the structure of how to make calling your ally as opposed to your enemy. Follow this clear blueprint, make it your own so that it works for your sales style, practice it meticulously, perfect the content and then you’ll soon witness dramatic results from your calling.

So for the perfect structure, recite to yourself this saying:

“Only I Can Love Prospecting”

Now before you ask, we haven’t gone mad, it’s an mnemonic to help you remember the order of a structured phone call.

This stands for

O – Open

I – Intrigue

C – Captivate

L – Lead

P – Position

Only I Can Love Prospecting

We use this phrase because it’s literal in its meaning. To be effective at anything, you have to love it, if you don’t then you won’t push for excellence. We recite this phrase to ourselves every single day, there is not a phone call we have without thinking “Only I Can Love Prospecting”

It’s the roadmap to every call, you need to

  • Open up conversation
  • Intrigue the buyer initially
  • Captivate them enough to commit some time
  • Lead them in the manner you desire
  • Position everything to a close

But more than just the structure, the phrase is there to help you get into the right state of mind.

State of Mind

The phrase “Only I Can Love Prospecting” should also be there to affect your state of mind. With every single call you make you need to be firing on all cylinders, you need to be in a great state of mind and be bubbling with positivity and exuberance.


Because your attitude and your outlook, will come across over the phone. The more upbeat you are the better chance of success you have.

So the phrase is not solely a guide for the structure, it should also be there to spark encouragement. That push you need to get into the optimum headspace to persevere for the outcome that you long for.

If you recite the phrase and find you’re not in the right state of mind for calling then use some reassurance, why not try Priming…


Priming is defined as something which prepares something else for use or action. In psychology it is the technique of  exposing the subject to some form of stimulus to create or influence a corresponding response.

We wrote two articles on the topic of priming which are well worth reading, have a read of the below:

  1. Introduction to Priming

2. How Sales Icons Use Priming

So, if you find that you recite the phrase “Only I Can Love Prospecting” but you can’t get in the right state of mind for it, then use priming. Think about your past successes, about how far you’ve come, how experienced and proficient you’re, about all the successful calls that you’ve had a reaped the outcomes that you’ve longed for.

So if you want to perfect your calling then do look out for our…

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