What’s Your Louboutin Factor in Sales?

This question may sound alien to you. What’s your Louboutin Factor in Sales?

If I asked my wife about shoes, those which she most desires over any other, she would choose Christian Louboutins without a doubt. For anyone whom is unaware, Louboutin shoes are memorable, recognisable over any other shoe if you placed them next to each other. My wife, alike many other people could spot them from a far all because of one unmistakable characteristic…the sole is bright red!

This got us thinking about recognisable and memorable traits. Louboutin can do this with their shoes, so why can’t it be accomplished elsewhere, why can’t any business follow suit?

Christian Louboutin aren’t the only organisation with a recognisable and memorable trait. The Fashion industry and many renowned brands are rife with such traits. Take Starbucks, somewhere we as sales people often frequent. They unlike any other coffee chain, will ask for your name, add that touch of extra special customer service that they’re renowned for and make you a cup of your favourite brew in whatever format you desire. Even if you’re that oddball that wants an extra hot, skinny, soy milk, decaf latte with vanilla syrup and cream, they’ll make it for you.

Whys This Important?

Well the more memorable, the more recognisable we are, the higher the chance that:

  • A customer comes back to us
  • A customer refers us to someone else

We talk about the familiarity principle throughout everything we do in sales. If we become familiar to the buyer then their barriers reduce and slowly dissipate, meaning that they are more inclined to work with us.

The concept pertains far further than just your businesses brand though…

Your Personal Brand

Don’t misinterpret this point into thinking that such memorable traits are out of your control. If your business doesn’t have and will not incorporate a recognisable and memorable trait, then create one for yourself. You are your own personal brand, why not create your own calling card which becomes both recognisable and memorable?

Take the man whom is considered to be the world’s greatest sales person, Joe Girard. He was renowned for sending every single one of his past and present customers a holiday greeting card, that was his calling card which differentiated him from anyone else. Have a read of our previous article below to learn a bit more about Joe and the principles which he applied:

Apply Touches of Class

Why not try applying touches of class, do these consistently and they will become your calling card.

Have a read of our previous article on our experience and some examples of touches of class which you can apply to your sales role.

Below is the introduction touches of class:

Take Action

If you’re going to become a Sales Icon then it’s pointless just reading this article, you need to take action. In most circumstances (depending on your role) you’ll have little control over your businesses Louboutin factor, but you have 100% control over your own!

So take action now, develop your own calling card, something that will get you recognised as being your personal brand. Apply touches of class, make it your own and do it consistently and you’ll notice that not only will your customer base grow, but you retain customers almost indefinitely.

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