How to Build Sales Relationships That’re Impenetrable

You can build sales relationships that last a life time, which are impenetrable from competition and provide a consistent and healthy revenue stream, all through something we call opportune moments.

We wrote an article previously on opportune moments, to introduce this to you let’s talk about luck.

Earl Nightingale describes luck as

“Where Preparedness Meets Opportunity”

For us this summarises perfectly those whom metaphorically ‘get lucky.’ They’re prepared sufficiently for when an opportunity presents itself. What we must do as sales people is to then be prepared and recognise when opportune moments present themselves.

But it’s more than just recognising them, we also need to take action. An opportune moment can be found in sales when a buyer is in desperate need for something, they’re in a major state of pain which we in turn can fix for them. Such examples include when a competitor goes bust, or when a competitor fails to deliver or something of that nature.

To really understand the concept of opportune moments, you need to read our previous article which you can find below:

The Internet Debacle

We recently witnessed a great use of this strategy with a sale icon we have been working with. Let us set the scene for you, this sales icon works in IT, she has a customer whom she works with closely, but the relationship wasn’t overly strong. It definitely wasn’t impenetrable from competition.

An opportunity arose with this customer for internet connectivity. They were moving office to which the sales icon received the hub of the work for professional services, in moving them from one office to another. Unfortunately though, she lost out on the internet connectivity.

Long story short, the competitor she lost out to really dropped the ball. There was a ninety day lead time on this internet line, which was quite standard for the industry. The time came around for the office move over the weekend and it transpired that the competitor had made a mistake, a big mistake. They had the internet line installed at the wrong address!

This was the sales icons opportune moment.

So what would most sales people do in this moment?

The Below Average Sales Person

The below average sales person wouldn’t even know. It would be doubtful that they’d even put in a courtesy call around the time of the install to see how things had gone, needless to say they wouldn’t even know there’s an opportune moment to take advantage of.

The Average Sales Person

The average sales person would fare slightly better. This person would probably be in touch and be aware of the circumstance, but they’d fall down on the ‘Take Action’ part, more often than not they probably wouldn’t do a thing. They might offer to sell them a new internet line and see if they could get it setup quicker than their competitor, but that would be the extent to their help.

The Sales Icon

This story hasn’t been embellished in anyway. This is what the sales icon did.

She spoke to the buyer and realised they were in a real tie. Their business couldn’t operate, they had no connectivity and therefore no way to communicate with the outside world. They thought their resolution maybe to send all their staff home. That options was disregarded though as users needed to access their data on the onsite server in their office.

They were truly between a rock and a hard place, without an internet line they were scarpered, left at the mercy of the competitors business until they could fix their mistake and get the internet line connected to the right office.

The sales icon realised that this was an opportune moment and that she should act. She wasn’t focused on just personal gain, she honestly wanted to help the buyer out and knew that if she did, any effort would be looked upon favourably.

So she arranged a short term resolution. Free of charge she provided them with an independent connectivity device which would give their office use of the internet and the ability to communicate externally. This sales icon went above and beyond, she arranged this all for the next day for the buyer and even drove to site to install this and get them back up and working.

The Outcome

Well the jury is still out, and from a short term sales perspective it may lead to nothing but there is potential to win this opportunity from the jaws of defeat. What’s more important though is the long term effect it will have. The buyer and the customer will remember this circumstance and how the sales icon did her upmost to help them in their time of need. In turn, I would suspect that this buyer will be more inclined to pass opportunities to that sales icon, as they’ve now built up a level of trust. Soon they will have a sales relationship which is impenetrable.

Givers Gain

This is a concept you should be mindful of in your sales approach. The crux of this concept is the more you give, the more you gain, we call this the ‘Givers Gain’ concept. If this Sales Icon continues with actions that mimic her approach here then she will be incredibly successful.

You could follow suit too, look out for opportune moment and take action when they present themselves. Marry this with the concept of ‘Givers Gain and soon enough you’ll be the sales icon within your business and/or industry.

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