The Cold Calling Series – Ventriloquist Buyer

We’ve had countless people reaching out to us about our cold calling series. They’ve been requesting new games/themes to use as we haven’t posted any new ones for a while, so here goes.

For those of you whom are new to the cold calling series, welcome!

As a pre-requisite I would recommend that you read our original article in this series and have a browse over some of the other games/themes we’ve recommended. Here’s the previous article below:

The next game in the cold calling series is what we call…

The Ventriloquist Buyer

So first of all think, ventriloquism, yes we do mean the puppet acts where a person appears to be speaking through the puppet prop. In ventriloquism, the performer will have the prop say certain things, and that’s what this game revolves around.

It’s a good bit a fun. At the centre of the game we’re trying to subtly encourage the person on the other end of the phone to mention certain words or phrases.

How to Play

First of all come up with a list of names or phrases and list all of these down, they should be uniform for everyone.

When participants play the game they need try and get the person on the phone to say one of these words or phrases, when it’s attained the participant can tick this off their sheet.


Say for instance that one of the words or phrases was Donald Trump. Then one of the participants in the game would, in casual conversation, ask something like “Forgive me I forget, what’s the US presidents name again?” in turn hoping that the person on that phone would say, “Donald Trump.”

You get the gist, with every person or phases attained the participant would tick it off and move onto the next one.

Why Use This Game

The whole point of the game is to

Keep it Fun

– Many people hate calling, especially cold calling. With this game we’re creating a bit of a jovial atmosphere whilst keeping things competitive.

Build Confidence and Attain the Outcome

– Most of all we’re trying our upmost to remove the negative stigma associated to calling and the regular rejection and fob offs we receive.

– Calls should be conducted in the same way as normal, we’re still trying to have qualified conversations, book meetings, attain sales or whatever your desired outcome would be.

– But, at the same time, have some fun, build some confidence on the phone so that moving forward calling is not perceived as a chore, but as something that can be enjoyable.


Just to give you some help or ideas in developing your own game, here’s an example of such a game we ran recently within a cold calling session.

We did three themes with the following names/phrases:

  • Theme 1 – Random
    • Out of the office
    • What’s it regarding
    • Tiger Woods
    • Michael Jackson
  • Theme 2 – Film Round
    • Toy Story
    • Titanic
    • Shrek
    • Jurassic Park
  • Theme 3 – Food & Drink Round
    • Apple
    • Lamb
    • Tomato
    • Lettuce
    • Coffee

Note – don’t feel like you have to apply this to the buyer, the gatekeeper with suffice.

Points Scoring

The same as every game we recommend for cold calling sessions, make it more competitive with a point scoring system and an incentive for those whom score the most points over a couple sessions using this game.

The points system we’ve used historically mimics the below but tailor this to your use case:

  • One point for every word or phrase ticked off in your list (each word or phrase can only be used once)
  • Twenty points for every meeting booked


It’s all about creating a great environment that’s both fun and competitive. When we as sale people have confidence on a cold call then we’re much more likely to attain the desired outcome of further commitment from the buyer.

Please do let us know how this technique works for you, we’d love to hear about it.

Do look out for our future posts around cold calling techniques, games and incentives.

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