Gain a Superior Edge in Sales (Part 2)

If you missed part one of this article then do give it a read here:

So following on from part one, we understand how a job title can hold with it a great deal of gravitas and influence. Irrespective of the person, their title alone can demand respect and a level of authority, even before you learn anything more about their personality.

So how can this be used in sales?

Well the approach is twofold:

  • Use Authoritative Titles
  • Build Credibility Early

If we can apply either of these two aspects, then we’ll gain a superior edge.

Use Authoritative Titles/Positioning

Part one of this article demonstrated the power and influence of a job title. Just a phone call, made to a nurse, encouraged them to disregard procedure all because they deem that person on the phone to be someone of an authoritative position.

So one way we can replicate this in sales is through our own job title. If you have a superior sounding job title, for instance head of X or Director of Y then that’s great and will suffice perfectly.

But if you don’t have a superior job title then what do you do?

Well why not try creating one. If your title is Sales Executive or Account Manager or something like that, then why not try portraying this in a different way. Instead of in a call or meeting stating “I work in the sales team” try to spruce it up a little.

Try defining your job title with some gravitas, something that has some purpose. Examples would include:

  • Director of the eastern region
  • Head of corporate development
  • Managing director of enterprise
  • Head of the construction sector

We’re trying to do nothing more than position our job role in an authoritative manner.

Alternatively, or in conjunction with this approach, we should also focus on building credibility as early as possible in any interaction.

Build Credibility Early

In one of our previous articles we talked about the psychology that justifies why we should focus on building credibility early. If you’d like to have a read of this article you can find it here:

To succinctly explain the key elements,

  • The first stage of the interaction is often make or break for the sale process
  • The primacy effect – a subject will have cognitive bias to recalling the primary information it takes in

So we advise you to use a Power Statement early on to build credibility. This should be a short captivating blurb. It’s a statement you can make to intrigue the person you’re in front of, to make them want to know more and give you the time of day. All in all it’s a short thirty second to one-minute statement.

The key bit:


Key Take Aways

Try utilising

  • Authoritative titles/positioning
  • Power Statements – to build credibility early

Do this and you should build a level of esteem and gravitas early, and like the nurses in the example of the doctor, the buyer will listen to you just the same. Do it effective and they’ll grant you more airtime, which could lead to a meeting, or an order, or whatever outcome it is that you desire.

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