Close More Sales Through Perception

If you want to close more sales, then perception could be your answer. In this article we’re going to delve into a small piece of psychology which influences all of us. If you can understand this principle and use it to your advantage then there’s no doubt that you’ll close more sales.

Perception is powerful!

It has the ability to tarnish our viewpoint, irrespective of whether that view is justified or not. We can perceive something to be very different than it actually is, that can either work in a sales persons favour or against them.

It all revolves around a concept known as perceptual Contrast.

Perceptual Contrast

I want you to picture something in your mind. Imagine that in front of you lies three receptacles of water.

  1. Filled with cold water
  2. Filled with hot water
  3. Filled with room temperature water

You then place your left hand into cold water and your right hand in the hot water for a minute. For a later reference we’ll call this the environment state. After a minute passes you then place both your hands into the room temperature water.

Do you know what the sensation would be?

Well funnily enough it’d be a rather odd feeling. Despite the water being at room temperature, your left hand will perceive this water to be rather warm, conversely your right hand will perceive it to be rather cold.

The environmental state leading to this judgement is the key part. It influences our perception.

Sales Example

Now that you understand the concept of perceptual contrast let’s link this back to sales. Imagine a sales scenario where there are ten interactions steps, the ultimate step, step ten, being the close to attain a sale. The nine preceding steps are those involving the environment state, the sale person has a level of influence and control over that environment state. If that sales person can mould the optimum conditions, then they make the sale.

But if that sales person merely attempted to close the sale at step two, then chances are they’d be unsuccessful.

Why? Well that’s because the sales person hasn’t yet built the environment state to its optimum yet.

Close More Sales Through Perception

So thus far we’ve highlighted what perceptual contrast is, the environment state and how in sales we need to build this environment state to an optimum level in order to close a sale.

Two essentials aspects to be conscious of are:

  • Timing
  • Perception

If we go in for the close too early then we’re unlikely to make the sale. Instead, as a prerequisite to the close we should focus on building that environment state, which in turn will influence the buyers perception of us and our solution.

How do we do this?

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