To Be Successful, Watch Out For Opportune Moments

Earl Nightingale describes luck as

“Where Preparedness Meets Opportunity”

For us this summarises perfectly those whom metaphorically ‘get lucky.’ They’re prepared sufficiently for when an opportunity presents itself. What we must do as sales people is to then be prepared and recognise when those opportune moments present themselves.

Opportune Moments

I was conversing with a business owner recently. His business has been incredibly successful and grown from strength to strength since its inception a number of decades ago. To the extent that now their turnover exceeded tens of millions and he had over a hundred people in his employ.

As this captivating individual explained the story of their success, he told me of the woes they had initially. How in the first few years their growth was minimal, how they fought for every single sale and tireless worked to build their brand into a mere fragment of that which it is today.

It was then that we asked him this question…

“What was the defining moment that changed your fortunes?”

He told us that he attributed most of his success to a single opportune moment.

Now what we should tell you is that this business at the time sold office furniture and cabling solutions. Roll back twenty five years when they had a couple of staff, their local area was hit by somewhat of a natural disaster over a weekend. For two days straight they had torrential rain causing serious flooding to the vast majority of businesses locally.

So what did this business man do? Well the next day, a Sunday of all days, once the rains had ceased and flooding had dissipated, he got in his car. He drove round to every single business effected by the flood whom had suffered some, if not catastrophic damage. He knocked on every single door, spoke to every business owner there (many whom were in their offices to deal with the flooding aftermath) and left information on how he could help the business recover from the flood with new cabling and furniture to get them back up to normal operations.

The Result?

It changed his business. He gained customer after customer whom then stayed with their business. He then diversified his offering to sell those customers more and more. Those customers received a great service and in tow referred them into other businesses.

This was their opportune moment, their defining moment for their business that turned them into a great success.

Think About Luck

Just think back to Earl Nightingales quote on luck. They were prepared, their preparation was proactive, the saw the opportune moment to build new business when this natural disaster happened.

That’s really the moral of this story, don’t rely on things to happen to you, focus on the preparedness and then when an opportunity arises you’ll have your shot!

Look For Opportune Moments

We love this story, we talk about it in many sessions we have with sales people and in speeches we offer. The key point we’re trying to get across is that sales people need to look for those opportune moments and then strike. For those of you out there that may not be a natural disaster. But it could be when a competitor goes bust, or when a competitor fails to deliver or something of that nature.

Car Parts Story

We’ll never forget another story we heard. The granularity we’re unsure of but there was a car salesman we believe he worked for BMW, he was trying to get in with a new business client.

The buyer from the prospective business had extensively used Audi and had done for years. The BMW sales person struggled to get in the door, that was until his opportune moment presented itself. He called the buyer on one occasion, he had a problem with one of his Audis, there was a part that needed replacing and Audi had no stock and couldn’t provide it for about a month.  He explained this to the BMW sales person and low and behold he somehow managed to source this part and had it delivered it to the buyer a couple days later.

That was his opportune moment which later lead to him to secure the prospects as a loyal customer as soon after they moved over to using BMW.

Take Away

Every sales person out there should look out for opportune moments, then when they present themselves you should pounce.

Why not try using touches of class which we talked about in our previous article:

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