To Be The Best Sales Person, Act Like One!

We’re plagued with questions from sales people young and old, often these questions all have the same underlying premise.


How do I become the best sales person?

If you’re a follower of our blog or read the odd article here or there then you’ll know there are so many areas that you need to master in order to become the best sales person. But there’s one thing that everyone can do which can change their proficiency almost overnight.


That is to:


Act like you’re the best sales person

The Law Of Reversibility

The law of reversibility in psychology and metaphysics says, “you’re more likely to act yourself into feeling a particular way than you are to feel yourself into acting.”


So first things first, if you want to be the best then act like you already are!


That doesn’t mean to become arrogant, it means to act in the same way as the best sales person would, then soon you’ll become the best.


Focus on holding yourself to a higher standard, don’t let peers or circumstances effect your work rate or attitude. We at Sales Icon Coaching encourage sales people to ask themselves:

  • What would a sales icon do?


Ask that and you’ll hold yourself to those standards.

– You won’t settle for a day of procrastination.
– You won’t let your prospecting activity slip no matter the time of day, week or month.

– You won’t let your pipeline dip below where in needs to be.

Do you dare to hold yourself to higher standards?

I think you get the picture. So to be the best, first start by acting like you’re the best, ask yourself the question “what would a sales icon do?” Then you’ll notice soon enough that your actions and results will mimic the best sales people in your business or industry.


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