The Cold Calling Series – Dial A Decision Maker

In today’s article we’re going to introduce the game of Dial a Decision Maker.


If your taking part in our cold calling series, or if you’re new to this then it’ll be valuable I promise.


For an introduction to the cold calling series do have a read of the article below:


So let’s jump into another theme / game we encourage you to undertake, that being Dial a Decision Maker.

Who To Prospect?

Often when we’re working with sales people, one of their gripes is that they don’t have enough people to prospect. We were working with a group of sales people a couple weeks ago and saw this first-hand. We were conducting cold calling sessions with a group where everyone was hammering away at the phones constantly, the environment had a real buzz and the results were phenomenal.


That was for all but one salesman. He was sluggish in his approach. Every other sales person was pretty much making dial after dial, but he would take five minutes or more before he dialled another number.


The results at the end of the day reflected this. More or less every other sales person recorded around one hundred calls, getting through to numerous right people and collectively booking quite a few meetings. Exactly the type of activity and results that we and the business craved.


But that one salesman, whom was slow and lack lustre only achieved fifteen calls?!


We couldn’t believe it! We questioned what we could do, could we change our approach to get him firing on all cylinders? Was he not buying into the sessions? Was he lacking confidence? Was he just not right for sales?


A myriad of questions of this nature ran through our minds. But what transpired as the root cause of the issue was so simple. This salesman didn’t have enough people to prospect.


He had all the right attributes of a great sales person, but in our cold calling sessions he was wasting so much time looking for who to prospect. Hence why his results and activity were so much below that of everyone else.


This is why we developed the next theme/game for your cold calling.


Dial a Decision Maker

So with this in mind, we’re conscious that you can only prospect businesses where you have the right contact to prospect. Whether that be the financial director, operations manager, office manager etc. First things first, you need to:

  • Have a list of businesses to prospect
    • Ideally within your sweet spot (more on this later)
  • Know whom the decision maker is
    • Who looks after the decision within the business for what you’re trying to sell


Dial a Decision Maker Game

In this game we’re asking for participants to do one thing and one thing only. Call their target businesses and find out whom the decision maker is. That is it, simple and easy.


At this stage we ask for nothing more. If you can have a conversation with them, or find out a bit more information then great. But all we’re asking for is to find out the relevant decision maker.


Once we have this, then we can build from there. Imagine if we could give you 100 new decision makers to prospect tomorrow? I’m sure you’d jump at the chance to have this.


So why not instigate this yourself? Have a cold calling session completely dedicated to ‘Dial a Decision Maker’ where all you want as an outcome is to find out X number of new decisions makers.


When doing this just remember…


Target The Right Prospects

One of the most important steps is to make sure you’re targeting the right prospects. Fail to do so and you’ll waste an inordinate amount of time on organisations whom aren’t the right fit for what you sell.


You’re best off targeting those businesses whom sit in your sweet spot. For more on this do have a read of our previous article below:


Do also be mindful to diversify your prospecting list as that will be reflected in your pipeline of opportunities later down the line. Don’t take one of the biggest sales risks of focusing on one set type of prospect, that’s a recipe for disaster. For more on this do read our previous article below:


Points Scoring

The same as every game we recommend for cold calling sessions, make it more competitive with a points scoring system and an incentive for those whom score the most points over a couple of sessions using this game.


The points system we’ve used historically mimics the below but tailor this to your use case:

  • 5 points for every new decision maker you uncover



Why Use This Game

Our prospecting data can often become stagnated if we don’t add in new prospects to our list. There will be prospects whom you’ve targeted for years whom despite your activity, they won’t grant you any airtime at all.


Overtime, if we fail to add to our prospecting list then we’ll be left with a pool of these types of target prospect. Which in turn will make cold calling arduous and ineffective.


Just by joining us in this game you’ll add new target prospects to your list and more importantly decision makers.


So give it a try, dedicate a session to Dial a Decision Maker and I’m sure that you’ll find it valuable, so much so that you’ll be inclined to repeat such sessions as time goes by.


Please do let us know how this technique works for you, we’d love to hear about it.


Do look out for our future posts around cold calling techniques, games and incentives.


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