Do This And Customers Will Keep Coming Back To You

If you’re in the sales elite, if you’re what we call a sales icon, then you’ll apply touches of class throughout your sales process. 


If this concept of touches of class is new to you then take note. 


Let me first start with an example of a touch of class I experienced recently. My wife and I have just had our first child, a beautiful little girl whom is more precious than anything else in this world. 


We spent a number of days in the hospital until my wife and daughter had recovered enough to come back home. We had our little girl over a national holiday weekend, so there had been no post since coming back to our home. Nevertheless though we were welcomed with a card posted through our door.


So we knew, whomever had posted this had taken the time out of their day to physically drive to our home and post it through our letterbox. Half expecting the letter to be from a close family member or friend, we were flabbergasted that this card welcoming our new born child into this world was from our mortgage advisor.


Talk about going the extra mile, it was such a thoughtful thing for him to do. Yes I accept his intentions may have an ulterior motive, obviously he wants me to purchase more properties through him of course. But by no means did he need to do this. I didn’t receive a card from my financial advisor, accountant, dog walker, gardener etc. But my mortgage advisor was different, he stood out from the crowd from a small yet significant gesture of not only getting us a card, but by taking the time out of his day to personally deliver it to us.


For me that is a true touch of class, and I can guarantee that I’ll do my upmost to put my business through him for the foreseeable future.


Which got us thinking, what touches of class do you apply to your sales role?


What’s a Touch of Class?

Just like this story demonstrates, a touch a class is an act or gesture which differentiates you from the crowd of other sales people doing the same job. The act or gesture doesn’t need to be something of major substance or large value, it just needs to resonate with the buyer, so that they remember you for it.


Ask Yourself

Take some time to ask yourself questions like

  • What touches of class of class do I use at the moment?
  • When do I use them?
  • How do I use them?
  • How could I tailor them to my customers?
  • What would make them resonate more with buyers?


Coming up with some answers to these questions will aid you greatly in developing the most effective touches of class for your role and business.


Examples of Touches of Class

We can’t tell you how to use these or what to use as they vary for everyone. Though let us share with you some examples of what other sales icons have used in the past:

  • Feedback
    • Sometimes just asking for feedback is a touch of class. Like when a customer buys something from you or you complete a large project for them, how often do you call them say a week or two later to ask them how it went? What effect it’s had? What you can do to improve the process?
  • Thank you cards
    • A lovely little touch, something that the old school sales person always did. When you’ve sold something considerable or brought onboard a new customer, why not send them a thank you card? I bet your competitors won’t do this!
  • Occasions
    • Think like my mortgage advisor, has your customer just had a baby? Anniversary? Birthday? Promotion? Don’t just use a token LinkedIn comment, do something different, stand out from the crowd. 
  • Hobbies/recreational activities
    • Do your customers have any hobbies or recreational activities where you could apply a touch of class? I remember one of our customers (like me) really loved his dogs, so in turn I heard of a big dog festival which may take his fancy so I let him know about it.
  • Help overcome burdens
    • The subsequent story paints this picture very well. Helping customers overcome their burdens is one of the best ways to apply touches of class. Have a read of the below and look out for how you can do this too.


Another Touch of Class Story

Sometimes touches of class can be the service you provide, instances where you go above and beyond for a customer or prospect. I can remember a story vividly for a business I once worked with. They were an IT reseller, selling all types of hardware and software to their customer base. One of their customers had a major issue, they had ten new starters joining the next day which they had purchased PCs for them all but the monitors hadn’t arrived on time. Hence they potentially had ten new starters joining who couldn’t work until those monitors arrived. Not the best first experience for the new starters!


Now the supplier could have done what most people would have and listened to their woes, tried to maybe sell them something and wish them good luck, but this supplier was different. They recognised this as a major opportunity to apply a touch of class.


So what did they do?


Well the Managing Director of that company dismantled ten of their monitors from their offices which they didn’t really need. He loaded them in his car with one of their IT engineers and drove round to the customer to get them fitted there and then ready for the new starters to join.


Now you tell me, would that customer go elsewhere after service like that? I think not!


Key Takeaway

Look for opportunities to apply a touch of class. Search out for when a customer is in dire need of something, when they’re in a real tie. That’s when you can step up and apply a touch of class, and I promise you, that customer will never forget it and they’ll always come back to you for more.


Have a go at apply touches of class to your sales process. we’d love to her about how you apply it and the results you receive.


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