The Cold Calling Series – Rejection Pyramid

In this article we’re going to introduce to you a theme for one of your cold calling sessions with a group of fellow sales people.


If you missed the pre-requisite article then do give it a read here:


So in our previous articles we’ve introduced the following themes/games:

  • Buzz Word Bingo
  • Hook-off Game


Which are great games to play to create a fun atmosphere. We champion these as they focus predominantly on output, in getting our team to increase their activity levels as we all know cold calling is a numbers game.


However, sales people may still feel reticent to making cold calls because they have a fear of rejection. We’ve already highlighted in one of our previous articles how rejection activates the same areas of the brain as when we experience physical pain. So it’s no wonder why some sales people may be adverse to picking up that phone. If you missed that article you can find it here:


So this article is going to move on from our last games. This next game, we’ve dubbed it the rejection pyramid, is there to help remove the negative stigma attached to cold calling. We don’t want sales people to fear rejection, we want them to bat off such rejection likes it’s nothing so that they can effectively move on to the next prospect. That way we make more calls and get to our successful outcome much quicker.


Rejection Pyramid Game

The goal of the game is to get the worst rejection possible. Every member of the cold calling session needs to write down each rejection they get on the phone, whether it be a


“No thank you we’re happy with our suppliers”


Or a


“This is the tenth call I have had today from someone like you, why don’t you sales people leave me alone!”


So to play the game make calls as you normally would, but each time there’s a rejection no matter how insignificant or memorable, write it down.


At the end of every hour collectively stop. Then each of the team must share the different rejections they have had. Start a leader board and write down where you and your peers sit with the worst rejection. Put them in a pyramid/list like so:


Collectively judge who sits at the top of the pyramid with the worst rejection, and who sits in second and third place respectively.


Points Scoring

The same as every game we recommend for cold calling sessions, make it more competitive with a point scoring system and an incentive for those whom score the most points over a couple sessions using this game.


The points system we’ve used historically mimics the below but tailor this to your use case:

  • 1st place – worst rejection
    • Twenty points
  • 2nd place
    • Ten points
  • 3rd place
    • Five points
  • Twenty points for every meeting booked


Why Use This Game

The main reason is to overcome our own self-doubt. One of our most popular articles delves into this subject which you can read below:


Often sales people are crippled by their self-doubt. They believe that their acumen in cold-calling is below par or they’re overly fearful of the rejection they may experience on a call.


That’s what this game helps with. It brings it back to reality that everyone else is experiencing the exact same. All of our sales peers have as much rejection as we do and often that rejection is just as undesirable for them as it is for us, what differentiates the successful sales person is that he or she isn’t fazed by it.


The more rejection we personally deal with and the more we see our peers handle such rejection the less the negative stigma surrounded by it. If we diminish this barrier to picking up the phone then we’ll all be more inclined to make proactive calls.



Remember to make it fun, we’re trying to remove that negative stigma so make rejection a good thing. The more rejection we have call after call the closer we are to having that successful outcome where a buyer says “tell me more” or agrees to meet with you or something of that nature.


Please do let us know how this technique works for you, we’d love to hear about it.


Do look out for our future posts around cold calling techniques, games and incentives.


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