The Cold Calling Series – Buzz Word Bingo

Welcome to the cold calling series. In this article we’re going to introduce to you a theme for one of your cold calling sessions with a group of fellow sales people.


If you missed the pre-requisite article then do give it a read here:


Remember the thing we’re trying to create is the right environment. The type of atmosphere where there’s a buzz, where sales people are making dial after dial. Where they’re not fretting about what to say, or how much rejection they’re about to have or how stupid they may sound. Instead they’re focused on making cold calls because other peers are doing the exact same. They’re feeding off of their positive actions and so their inhibitions and barriers to picking up the phone are minimised.


That’s the environment we’re looking for, what we call the positive deindividuation effect.

So here’s the theme for your next cold calling session.


Buzz Word Bingo

It’s a simple game to play. Basically break down your next cold calling session into half an hour blocks. For every half an hour, give everyone in the team three buzz words that they need to say in order to score a point. When I say buzz word I don’t mean some sort of selling point on your company or offering. I mean a word or phrase that will be difficult to throw in but will put a smile on your peers face when it’s said.


Here’s an example of some of the words we’ve used for buzz word bingo in the past:

  • Okey dokey
  • Righteo
  • Sure thing
  • Epicentre
  • Reinvent the wheel
  • Cumbersome
  • Digital transformation
  • Ducks in a row


How it Works

On a call the sales person scores one point when they say one of the three buzz words for that thirty minute segment. For instance “Righteo John, thanks for your time” would score one point.


Make sure to record your activity, note down in a tally how many calls you make, right people you speak to, meetings you book and each time you use a buzz word.


Have a look below at a snippet image, this is the recording sheet we used for a company we recently worked with:


  • Buzz words cannot be used twice on one call – so a maximum of 3 points per call
  • Remain professional but have some fun at the same time


Point Scoring

Feel free to play around with this to suit your use case but the points scoring we often encourage is:

  • 1 point for every buzz word used on a call
  • 20 points for every meeting booked (as that’s the end goal to book more meetings)



Again play round with the format but we usually run this over say 2-4 sessions. The winner is (obviously) that person who gets the most points. If you use the point system above then it’s both encouraging

  • Work Rate – more calls often develops more points
  • Effectiveness  – a large point scoring skew is for booking meetings, so it’s about quality over quantity in your execution



For the best results, have a incentive for the winner. It doesn’t have to be anything glamorous, sometimes the recognition of winning is enough. But having a materialistic incentive, irrespective of how small, often pushes sales people that little bit further that they would go without it.



It’s all about creating a great environment that’s both fun and competitive. We promise you the moment you hear a colleague say something like “Okey Dokey” you’ll smile or laugh to yourself, which is exactly what we want. Diminish the bad taste created when cold calling and we’ll be more inclined to do it!


Please do let us know how this technique works for you, we’d love to hear about it.


Do look out for our future posts around cold calling techniques, games and incentives.


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