The Cold Calling Series

One question we regularly get asked by businesses is how to not only encourage their sales team to make cold calls, but how to ingrain that as a habit into their psyche. Businesses ask for our help to open sales people’s eyes to that fact that cold calling is part of their sales role, irrespective of how successful they ever become.


So how do we do this? What techniques do we use to encourage sales people to hit the phones?


Well it’s the same as anything in life, if we enjoy something then we do more of it, if we dislike something we don’t do it.

One thing we have no control of is the outcome or reception sales people have on calls. We’ve already highlighted in one of our previous articles how rejection creates the same feeling as physical pain. If you missed this article then do give it a read below:


One thing we do have control of though is the environment. If we can create a fun, lively and competitive atmosphere, then sales people will enjoy cold calling, they’ll do it much more and you’ll notice the results in your new business development.


What we want to create is an atmosphere of positive deindividuation. Where peers are hitting the phones as hard as can be, making dial after dial and generating a wealth of leads and new business. The positive deindividuation aspect is the snowball effect. Where the desired positive behaviour of a couple rubs off on others and so on and so forth leading to an environment filled with proactive sales people.


Over the next few weeks, we at Sales Icon Coaching will be writing some articles that we’ve dubbed the cold calling series.


It’s going to consist of some games and/or themes that you can use for your cold calling sessions. We champion you initiating such cold calling sessions in your business whether you’re a sales rep, team leader or manager of a sales team. Start the movement, set the example and the rewards will come.


Here’s the outline:


  1. Section off time

    We always say “what gets scheduled gets done” so be sure to put in your calendar a time slot for cold calling sessions and make it regular even if it’s only an hour once a week to start with.

  2. Set your expectations

    We’d love people to be firing on all cylinders all of the time, but realistically that won’t happen. So make sure to section off time for that sacred period where you’re pumped to challenge yourself and your peers, to push harder than you would normally. Habits take time to set in, don’t expect the world from day one.

  3. Don’t expect everyone to follow at first

    At first you’ll be the lone wolves, but soon enough other people will be influenced by your example and want to reflect the same results that you have. It takes time though, so don’t expect people to want to join you in the short term.

  4. Try to get a group of you together

    One person on their own will struggle, not only to make a change but they’ll also struggle to push themselves, that’s the whole point of positive deindividuation, bouncing off of and feeding off of others and their positive activity. Why not share this article with colleagues and ask them to join you.

  5. Record your activity and wins

    Improvement of any kind needs to be quantitative, meaning that it can be measured. Note down your successes, every call you make, decision maker you get through to, meeting you book etc.

  6. Most of all…Have Some Fun!

    Use some of the games and themes that we’ll be releasing in subsequent articles, play around with the format and incentives in a bid to create a real buzz.

Do look out for our future posts around cold calling techniques, games and incentives.


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