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In one of our previous articles we talked about the power of momentum and how


  • The art of the close is often in the momentum you create in the sale


If you missed this article then do have a read of it here:


Momentum is key to closing any sale, but it’s not explicit to closing, it’s part of the whole sales process from the very beginning stage of attempting to interest a buyer through mediums such as a cold calls, all the way through to account management.

I’m conscious that step by step guides like our previous article aren’t always the easiest to relate to. Hence why in this article we’re going to tell you a story about a sales icon whom applied the momentum technique perfectly.


So here goes. We were working with a young sales person whom (he’s not the protagonist by the way) whom found an opportunity with his prospects for an email spam protection solution. After identifying the opportunity the young sales man engaged their vendor whom they’d recommend for spam protection. There steps in the sales icon , the sales rep from this vendor.


This sales icon started by arranging a webinar with the prospect, in which he focused much of his time on their pain and procurement process. He found out that the buyer was in what we call prime buying condition as below:

  • Budget was approved
  • The person he was speaking to was the decision maker
  • He was in a great deal of pain with his current spam protection product – notably he had been hit by some serious cyber security breaches through email
  • Their solution would alleviate all the pain they were in
  • Timescales were short term, they need to move with something in the next two weeks


So what would the average sales person do? Well from experience I can tell you that most sales people would either

  1. Overly sell on the initial webinar – likely scarpering their chances of attaining the sale
  2. Let momentum slip by conducting their webinar and then leaving it at that. Their follow up would be to rely on lady luck that the buyer will opt for their solution – possible but not likely by any means


The sales icon acted very differently, he conducted the following momentum technique in the sales process:


Stage 1Initial Webinar

He played the initial webinar perfectly. Instead of solely presenting, he executed the most effective initial encounter with a prospect. He focused on them, uncovering and listening the their pain points, asking about the decision making process as well as identifying the decision makers and influencers within their business.


The thing that he did so well was that he did just enough in his webinar to intrigue the buyer, but he didn’t give away all of his cards. This meant that he had a logical next step and the buyer would naturally want to progress further. See most sales people would conduct a content dump at this stage. They’d use the tact of throwing everything at the buyer in the hope that something would interest them


But not this sales person, as I said he gave just enough to intrigue and to obtain commitment for the next step.


Stage 2 – Technical Webinar

He scheduled this in with the customer three days after the initial webinar. This was a much more technical webinar, a deeper dive into the platform into some of the ‘Sexy’ parts which would wow the buyer. This step was incredibly thoroughly and included way too much content to fit into the first stage.


Stage 3 – Collateral

Later the same day after the technical webinar the sales icon emailed the buyer a couple of pieces of collateral which related to their business. Including datasheets and case studies of their alike customers in their industry.


Stage 4 – Commercials

A couple days later the sales icon sent over their commercial proposition and breakdown of options in preparation for their conference call in the next few days to discuss the plan from here.


Stage 5 – Conference Call

Subsequently he pre-booked a conference call at the closing of the technical webinar in stage three just to talk through any reservations they may have, changes required or additional feedback.


Stage 6 – Commodity Theory Technique

Finally at the close of the conference call he agreed to offer them a free trial of the solution to gain some hands-on experience before they commit.


Conclusion = Sale

The level of momentum created, the power of activity steps used and the timescale and proficiency in which they were executed put the sales person in the prime position to win the sale, and so he did.


The most key thing of all, the salesman was astute in his


Follow up

One thing he did, which differentiates himself from most sales people and made the process so much easier? He obtained the customers buy in for the next step at each step of interaction. So he didn’t finish a call or webinar before having the next interaction already booked in with the buyer. Do you do that at the moment? Most people don’t!


Take a leaf out of this sales icons book. Start applying the momentum technique today throughout your sales process whether it be in the close of a sale or in the cold calling, it will pay dividends!


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