How To Get Out Of The Inevitable Sales Rut?

Sales can be so lonely, most of the time because we operate as lone wolves. We have our own targets to hit, prospects to chase, customers to nurture, it’s no wonder that so many people fail at sales.


Now whilst there are some considerable positives, the major downside to being a lone wolf is how it effects our self-motivation. No matter who you are and where you are in your career you’ll have times where your motivation wavers, times when you are in a rut questioning how you’re ever going to develop the sales results that you need. Trust us, we’ve all been there and we’ve witnessed hundreds of others in the same position, irrespective of whether they are the top performers or mediocre sales people.

So what should you do? How do you overcome adversity like this in sales?


Well there are a million and one things you can do, but many of them will be quick fixes, things that are fads that’ll wear off after a short period of time. So instead we want to look for a long term approach, something that will stand the test of time.


It all comes down to setting challenges and involves a human psychology principle known as deindividuation. We talked about this in a previous article, if you missed this then do give it a read here:


In case you don’t have time to read this let me briefly explain deindividuation. It’s the principle that other people can affect you in a positive or negative manner, for instance if you walk into a sales floor where they are all proactively making cold calls then you’ll be more inclined to follow their lead and also proactively make cold calls. Take fitness, it’s the principle that you’ll work harder in a group fitness class than you would on your own.


We want to benefit from deindividuation in a positive way. Our goal is to have a scheme which incorporates this principle to encourage us to strive for more, to be better than we currently are, to push us beyond that which we would achieve if we were just a lone wolf.


So How Do We Do This?

What we encourage is to find yourself a prospecting partner. A fellow sales person, maybe a peer from your business but not necessarily, someone whom you can bounce off of. You need to find someone who will challenge you, who you can compete against, who you can strive to outperform, who pushes you to do more than that which you would do on your own.


If you do this, don’t just focus on the macro results of sales. Instead include a focus on the micro of activity. Fanatical prospectors always become the best sales people, so make sure that you and your prospecting partner bounce off of each other to push up each of your activity. Then soon you and your prospecting partner(s) will join you as the sales icon in your business or industry.


Set challenges for each other, create healthy competition. Who can make the most calls this week? Who can book the most appointments this week? Who can have the most proposal presentations this quarter? Who can book the most forward appointments for the next three months? You get the idea!


Find a prospecting partner(s) and toy with positive deindividuation to achieve much more than you can alone. 


Just try this, share this post with a peer or colleague you’d like to partner with and give it a go. We assure you that this simple to make change, if applied correctly, can transform your sales. Sometimes all we need is that little bit of help, motivation and extra challenge.


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