How Good Is Your Sales Story

If you want to improve your sales story then ask yourself these questions:


How good is your sales story? Are you captivating? Are you intriguing? Do you give enough information to create interest and curiosity? 


How’s your delivery? Are you enthusiastic in your delivery? Do you change your tone and pause at appropriate parts?


Are you spending enough time on your story? Or maybe too long? Are you applying your story at the right time in the sales process? 


Do you paint the picture for what it feels like to be a customer? Do you fully exhibit how much of a fantastic business you are? 

Do you overly sell in your story? Do you talk too much about you and your offering? Can a prospect relate to what you’re saying? How do you use examples? What point are those examples portraying?


If you can develop a great sales story you’ll attain more new business. Typically when we see sales people with a weak story, their sales figures will also be weak.


The best advice we can give is that if you want to develop the most effective sales story then answer all of these points and use that information to develop your story.


If you need more help then go out and buy a book called:

New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinstein

It’s a fantastic read, his part on the sales story is profound but the whole book displays some great tools for any sales person, do have a read.

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