If You Want To Improve At New Business Sales, Do These Two Things…

I have met with countless businesses and sales people in my time, and the common trait of the sales force which cripples many organisations is that they don’t have enough new business hunters. Their organisation will sell a tidy sum, but they’ve hit a plateau, and the reason for that plateau is their sales people, they’re all account managers.


Now before I start I should say that there is nothing wrong with account managers at all. But the truth is that account managers are in high supply, whereas hunter new business sales people are in high demand but low supply therefore are incredibly sought after.


So for any sales people out there you should be seeing this as a massive opportunity. If you can prove yourself as a proficient new business hunter then not only will you have glamorous job opportunities falling at your feet but also you should be earning the top money possible in your business or industry.


So hopefully, if nothing more this inspires you to think more about becoming a new business hunter.


Now onto the two things we encourage…

In our blog we talk about a number of techniques for sales, new business development, closing etc. But in this article we’re going to focus on the common two traits which often prevent sales people from gaining the new business sales that they crave.


The two failures that many sales people make are

  1. They don’t schedule time for new business
  2. They micromanage their current accounts


So what we encourage in order to gain more new business is

  1. Schedule time for new business development
  2. Stop micromanaging accounts

Scheduling Time

I don’t care what anyone out there says, new business is a numbers game. You have to put in the activity to reap the rewards.


We’ve preached about this a million times, the fact remains


Sales come from consistency of activity

For more on this please see the article below:



So to make sure that you conduct consistent activity, the best advice is to schedule it in your diary, make it a recurring event. Say for instance that two afternoons every week no matter what you’ll do some calling or alike new business activity. If you find this a daunting concept then why not try using our nurture technique:



Remember that


What gets scheduled gets done

I’ve been in your position. New business is difficult and rejection hurts. If you don’t schedule regular time for new business hunting, then it won’t be a priority. You’ll let it slip continually, you’ll say ‘no I better complete that proposal now’ or ‘I’ve got to call 10 of my accounts to tell them about the new X.’ But if it’s in your diary you’re more likely to do it.


So take action now, I’m not asking for much, just what you can spare. Provision three hours (more if you can spare it) and set this as a weekly recurring event of ‘New Business Development’


This consistency, if executed relentlessly will help you develop the new business you desire. If you don’t see enough results, then invest more time until you do!

Micromanaging Accounts

Look out for part two of this article where we will delve into micro management of accounts.


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