What’s Your True Potential?

You hold within yourself more potential than you can ever comprehend. Most individuals sit in a metaphorical paper prison which surrounds them. The paper walls which enclose us are our:

  • Ambition
  • Self-Confidence
  • Circumstance


We don’t realise that these paper walls that surround us can be broken through so easily. All we need to do is recognise that these walls aren’t our confines, they do not limit us, we can break free of this enclosure. What seems like our full potential is merely a fragment of that which we can become.


But before we break free we must fully understand that it is only us as individuals that can set our limitations. If we have the right ambition and self-confidence then we will achieve anything we set our minds to no matter the circumstance.


Think of all of the success stories you have ever heard, for them they realised their true potential. Let me talk you through some in the hope that it’ll generate the spark you need to want more for yourself in the future:


How about James Dyson. A man from a humble background, not born into any particularly privileged circumstance being the son of two teachers. Most people in his position would go on to live pretty normal lives, but James was incredibly ambitious. He sought after revolutionising the vacuum cleaner market after he became frustrated with his vacuum cleaners diminishing performance. And so after 5,127 different prototypes and five years of hard graft he invented the worlds first bagless vacuum cleaner. Fast forward to now, the business which he owns records an estimated $1.1B in earnings in 2018. James Dyson had ambition!



The founders of Airbnb namely Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia are great examples to use for this point. We all know of their success now, but we don’t realise the hardship that they had to go through and the self-confidence they must have had to persevere. They we creating an entirely new market yet challenging a market that was heavily dominated. It took them seven years to get to their evaluation of $10 Billion. What you don’t see is how initially they rented out their own air mattress in their apartment to pay their rent. You don’t see the other business they had to develop selling Obama O’s breakfast cereal simply to raise capital for the Airbnb business. You don’t see the months of rejection and making only $200 a week, the hours sifting through red tape to simply get the business off the ground. The founders had the self-confidence to question the market, develop a new concept and face years of adversity to reach their potential.



Take Sir Stephen Hawking, crippled by Motor Neurone Disease and officially diagnosed at aged 21. He could have let such an illness destroy his life but he swore to not surrender, despite the misgivings of being later paralysed and eventually losing his speech. He didn’t let his circumstance imprison his potential and achievement, he battled through. He achieved things that many thought impossible for a man of his state of health such as writing a bestselling book ‘A Brief History of Time,’ conducting ground breaking work in his field, as well as personal aspirations of getting married and fathering his children. Many others in such circumstance would have had a defeatist outlook and wouldn’t have achieved half of that which Stephen has.


Without meeting you I can’t tell you what your paper prison is. It maybe that you don’t believe you can make X number of sales or achieve X amount of commission, or one day be promoted to your dream position. Well I promise you it can become reality, we as individuals are the makers of our own destiny. But first things first we must break free of our confines and want more for ourselves. 


The examples above show what fulfilling your potential can lead to. None of them were given anything more favourable than you or I, and each of them is no different than you or I. You have exactly the same opportunity as they did to meet your potential, first you must realise that and then pursue that which you desire most.


The best advice I can give is to become truly motivated. Set some goals for yourself and settle for nothing less than their achievement. Have a read of what we advise for goal setting below in our previous article:



If you dare to be more, you will be!

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