How To Close More Sales By Building Momentum

Momentum influences the entire sales process. Whether you are cold calling and trying to get a prospect to give you air time on the phone or if you’re attempting to close a sale with a new business prospect or even a customer. If you don’t have momentum, then chances are you won’t achieve the desirable output. Whether that be the opportunity to meet with the buyer, or opportunity to quote or fundamentally the ability to sell to them.


It’s a funny thing momentum, because it’s incredibly hard to develop, but also it dissipates incredibly fast. The moment we lose momentum in the sale is the moment where that sale is lost.


We at Sales Icon Coaching always describe it like this. Momentum is like a truck pull, if anyone reading has ever seen worlds strongest man, think about when the strongmen compete in the truck or aeroplane pull. For those whom haven’t seen it it’s quite self-explanatory. It’s a man with a truck or aeroplane strapped to a harness which he needs to pull ferociously until he crosses the finish line

For any strongman pulling this, the initial stages of getting the object moving are so challenging, it almost takes all of their might just to get the tyres to slowly begin to turn. Though the hardest challenge presents itself when their momentum falters. As soon as they lose momentum they’ll struggle to move the object again.



Sales is the same as this. It’s all about momentum. To gain the sale we’re metaphorically pulling the buyer towards the sales finish line. Every piece of activity that we conduct adds to our momentum, but over time momentum will slowly start to dwindle. The law of momentum has the same effect in sales, as soon as we lose it, chances are that the sale won’t be attained.


So what should we do?


Well we all know where our sales finish line is? At least roughly, this is the date when the decision is due to be made. To maintain momentum we need to focus on increasing the power and regularity of our activities the closer we get to the sales finish line. A dumbed down model would be like follows:


Sales deadline = end month 3



  • Month 1
    • One meeting
    • two phones calls
    • Two emails
  • Month 2
    • One meeting
    • Four phones calls
    • Four emails
    • One webinar
  • Month 3
    • One meeting
    • One head office visit
    • Four phone calls
    • Four emails
    • One trial


Obviously this is just an example, but you get the point. As we get closer to the sales finish line we are ramping up the

  • Number of activities
  • The medium of activities
  • The power of activities


Build and build your momentum. Do this effectively and you’ll notice that you close more sales. The law of momentum applies to all parts of the sales cycle, whether on a cold call (initial stages of building momentum) or closing a sale (final pull over the sale finish line).


 So the key takeaways are:

  • Build momentum through conducting activity
  • Don’t let your momentum dissipate, strive to consistently conduct activity
  • Increase the number, medium and power of your activities the closer we come to the sales decision



If you want to build momentum in your sales proposition then consistency of activity is integral. My previous article on this topic should help you establish consistency of activity, have a read below:

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