Don’t Just Wish for a Positive Mental Attitude, Apply This Technique

I personally have read hundreds of books which talk about how a positive mental attitude (PMA) is the key trait of any high achiever. In most circumstances, the higher an individual sits within an organisation the better their attitude.


So for me, I strive every day to have a positive outlook and a great attitude no matter the task or circumstance that sits in front of me.


That being said, it’s much easier said than done. For a long time I knew the value of PMA but didn’t necessarily know how to achieve it. One of my common struggles would be that outside stimuli would affect my attitude. So if I lost a big sales opportunity or one of my customers had a problem arise, it would reflectively alter my attitude. It’s wasn’t all negative of course, the converse would apply too, in the circumstance where I won a big sales opportunity that would boost my positive mental attitude even further.


So I was left questioning, what can I do to maintain PMA? Are there any techniques or actions I can take to ensure that I maintain PMA?


Then I read one of the greatest books of all time in my opinion, that book

  • ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins


Now to help you in your journey towards a PMA, I’m going to share with you one of the key concepts that has helped change my outlook and approach to everything I do in both my professional and personal life.


It’s all around something that Tony describes as Transformational Vocabulary.

Transformational Vocabulary

Transformational Vocabulary can allow us to intensify or diminish any emotional state positive or negative. This means it gives us the power to take the most negative feelings in our lives and lower their intensity to the point where they no longer bother us, and take the most positive experiences and move them to even greater heights of pleasure and empowerment.

Tony Robbins

How Tony describes it so aptly in his book is that the words we use will effect and empower our emotions. So if I say two phrases such as


Phrase 1 – I had a bad day

Phrase 2 – I had a horrendous day


Simply changing the vocabulary we use will affect our emotions in a more dramatic way. Someone will have a much more dismal outlook if they describe their day as horrendous as opposed to bad for instance. But it works in the opposite way too. So keeping in the same context if I was to say:


Phrase 1 – I had a good day

Phrase 2 – I had an incredible day


This would also affect my emotions and outlook, in this case in more of a positive way.


Just to be clear. I’m not saying you should charge around telling yourself that you’re having an incredible day. The point we need to take on board is that if we want to achieve PMA, then being mindful of and altering our choice of vocabulary can be a step to achieving it!


So what I do is that I try to accentuate the things that are positive, and dis-empower those things that are negative. So if something goes wrong and annoys the hell out of me then I’d dis-empower that feeling by saying ‘I’m mildly peeved.’ Conversely if something had gone the right way I will describe it as ‘That’s gone fantastically well.’ You get the gist!


Transformational vocabulary is a small but significant change you can make which will help you to achieve the PMA which you desire.


I hope it helps you all as much as it’s helped me. If you get a chance then I do recommend reading Tonys book, it’ll change your life!

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