When’re You At Your Most Productive?

This is a question that all of the elite will ask of themselves. We want to know what time or conditions provide us with the peak performance that we desire. In turn we can then use this information to leverage the greatest level of output. If we consistently have high levels of productivity, then we achieve more.


The hardest question is how do we tap into our peak performance levels? Then how to we achieve this on a consistent basis?


In sales if we can answer this and develop our success formula for being our most productive, then our sales results will soar.

The greats of this world have found the answer to this question, and it differs for them all.


Take the famous inventor Thomas Edison, famed for being one of the most prolific inventors of all time with over a thousand patents in circulation. Well he found out his own hack for productivity. He discovered that his best ideas came to him in the transient state between wakefulness and sleep, known as hypnagogia. So how did use this insight? Well he would attempt to sleep in a chair holding large steel balls in each hand, so that when he did eventually doze off, he would immediately be awoken by the bang as those steel balls hit the floor.  His most productive state – Hynagogia!


How about one of the most famous British Prime Ministers of all time, Sir Winston Churchill. He found that his most productive state was in the morning as soon as he woke up. He formed a routine around this, so much so that much of his work was carried out in his bed after waking. He also routinely had a nap, so in his eyes he could benefit from two mornings in one day. His most productive state – upon waking!


How about Tim Ferriss, he’s one of my heroes. In many of his books he talks of how he found out early on in sales when he was at his most productive. It wasn’t based on himself, it was based on the buyers he spoke to and what other sales people did. He talks of how when he started out in sales he did what everyone else did and received mediocre results. Then he changed things. He opted to call buyers between the hours of 0700-0830 and 1800-1930. With this he witnessed his fortunes change as his results flourished. His most productive state – outside of working hours!


The whole point of this article is to get you to think about what your most productive state is. It maybe a time of day, it maybe certain environmental conditions, it maybe related to the buyers your speaking to.


If we can find out our most productive state, then all we need to do is replicate that. Then, with repetition and consistency, the results we desire will follow. 


But there’s another item to be mindful of and that’s how we assign our activities in line with their output and our productivity levels.


In our book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows we talk about mastering your minutes. It’s about getting the most productivity out of your working day but also attributing the right activities to the time of day.


We talk of this in terms of using your golden hours, the time of day where you’re firing on all cylinders. What’s imperative is that we use that time for effective output, on things that require creative thought or a high level of acumen. So things like cold calls or closing sales etc should be assigned to those times of day or conditions where you’re at your most productive.


The point here is don’t use your peak productivity for mundane low pay-off activities such as email filing, or proposal writing or typing up your notes. Think back to the example on Winston Churchill, it would be like him just watching television when he woke up twice a day. 


If we master our minutes then we use our time wisely and proportion our peak performance to those tasks which have the potential to produce the highest level of output.


Master your minutes…do so and you’ll become a sales icon in your business and industry!


I can’t tell you what time or conditions will enable you to be at your most productive. It differs for every person out there, as outlined with the three examples above. Our words of advice however are:

  • Invest some time exploring what time or conditions give you a productivity boost
  • Once you find this, make a pact to capitalised on it. Consistently replicate what you need to in order to have peak productivity on a regular basis
  • Think out of the box – just because everyone else does something one way doesn’t mean that it’s the right way. Think back to the Tim Ferriss example above, often doing things differently can produce the results you crave. My previous article should help justify this point https://sales-icon.com/2018/08/10/the-power-of-doing-things-differently/


We wish you luck in your pursuit of peak productivity. Should you need any help or advice then please do get in touch!

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