How to Build More Motivation to Sell

Often the underlying reason sales people struggle is due to their motivation. Let me tell you about my own story. I loved to sell, I loved the thrill of the chase, signing business and making money for both my business and myself. But something was missing. Yes I was successful, but there was always a feeling in my gut of a lack of satisfaction. That didn’t matter whether I made a massive sale or a small sale, I’d be happy of course, sometimes even thrilled, yet there was always this missing piece.


It wasn’t until I wrote my book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows that I realised what that missing piece was. It was helping others. See I loved all the materialistic things in life, the holidays, nice cars, fancy restaurants, designer watches etc. But the thing that I loved more than anything else was that feeling of changing someone’s life for the better. That’s when I started my business and have never been more happy. Here I get the chance to combine my skills of sales acumen and my driving desire to help others achieve their dreams.


Now if you can relate to this story, if you struggle for motivation in your sales role then maybe you’re like me. Maybe you need to find that one thing, that calling which aids you in your career. I can remember working with an aspiring sales icon and his outset was a self-deprecating view that he wasn’t adding anything to society from working in sales. It was then that I asked him a few questions, and concluded that he was good at sales and what’s more he enjoyed it. But he wanted to give more back, he was avidly involved in charity work and wanted to make more of a difference. So my response was why not channel that desire with your sales career. Why not make a pact that for every piece of commission you make that you’ll give X% to the charity of your choice. This way the more sales you make the more you’ll give and the greater the feeling you will have of making a difference in this world.


What was the result, you can probably guess, his sales sky rocketed!

So ask yourself, what’s your true motivation? How can you channel that to improve your career in sales? Find the answer to this and you’ll soon become a sales icon.


Maybe it’s your kids that are your motivation? If so then why not empower yourself by saying for every sale I make I will invest X amount in a bank account for my kids future. That could be for a university fund, or for a car or a house deposit.


What about if your wife is your motivation? I know my wife is one of my biggest motivations. Why not set a goal that every month you’ll have a pot of commission for which you buy something special for your wife. That ring she always wanted, or that dream vacation whale watching that she’s been talking about for years.


Find a cause that motivates you, something powerful, something that will push you to persevere through any obstacle!

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