How Sales Icons Use Priming

In our previous article we talked about priming, a technique you should use in preparation for sales activities to transforms your mental state into that which is optimum for success. If you missed this article or need a recap then you can find it here:


In this article we’re going to go one step further. We’ve explained previously the value of priming and the theories and studies which justify its effectiveness. In this article we’re going to show you how sales icons commonly use priming.

Before I start, I should highlight that this is but an example of how sales icons use priming. We’re all different, what works for some doesn’t for others so be mindful to reflect on our application and mould it to what works for you.


So how do sales icons use priming. Well the rough outline would be as follows

  • At the start of every day
  • Whenever we display self-doubt
  • Before a big meeting or a pitch
  • Before a close

Content of Priming

The content of priming in each instance must take many different formats. Let me explain. Think back to the previous article and the experiments of Psychologist William Cox. He used priming which directly related to the patient, in this case the patient had a self-image of incompetence, so Cox used priming by asking her to reflect on specific circumstances where she had been competent in the past.


That’s the integral part, when you use priming it must correspond directly to the output you desire. So if we’re trying to prime ourselves for closing, we need to think of previous examples of closing which we have executed to perfection. Or when we’re displaying self-doubt and lack confidence in our proficiency think of circumstances when you’ve displayed traits of the sales elite.


You get the point. Priming is most effective when it corresponds direct to the outcome you’re seeking.

Make Priming Your Routine

Take a stance right not to make priming your routine. In every circumstance in life the more positive your mental state the more fruitful the outcome will be. There is direct correlation between positive thinking and positive results.


Dispel the negative! Focus solely on the positive and empower yourself with your own successes that you have achieved. We all have them irrespective of how insignificant you may think a success is, it counts.


Just take five minutes now. Brainstorm your successes, what big wins have you made in your career? What pitches have been effortless? When have you handled objections with ease? Write these down, this will be your bible for priming. Use this information as your catalyst to transform you to the positive mental state that we crave. Make it the your priming bible that you revert to regularly.


Happy Priming!


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