Example Of The Expedient Behaviour Trap

In one of my previous articles I talked about the poisonous behaviour known as expedient behaviour.


If you missed this article then please do give it a read here:




Recently I witnessed an example of this in a business I worked with which highlights the point perfectly.


Now the salesman, whom was very experienced had an opportunity with one of his long standing customers. He had successfully received the purchase order for a number of high end wireless access points totalling some tens of thousands in revenue, and a tidy sum in profit which he would earn commission on.


It was at this stage that the salesman became greedy. Instead of placing the order as he should have he fell foul and displayed some expedient behaviour.


As he had already received the PO he saw this as his opportunity to make some extra profit and commission. He decided to go down the brokered route.


Just to explain briefly in IT the brokered channel sources goods through channels which it shouldn’t be. For instance hardware which is free of or reduced tax as it is destined for a different country than it is sold to. So if a manufacturer sold to a business in the UAE but the goods became redirected to be sold in the USA for instance.

So back to the story. This salesman used the brokered channel to buy the wireless access points which he had a purchase order for from his customer. The short term benefit for him was that he made more profit.


So at the moment things looked good for him. However, the trouble with expedient behaviour is that there are often negative consequences, as there were in this case.


When the customer received the wireless access points he noticed that something was wrong. The boxes and all of the literature were in a different language, they believed it to be Arabic.


This is when the customer started to ask questions. He knew something wasn’t right. He asked the salesman whom reassured him that everything was fine. But the customer was still unsure, so he called the manufacturer to ask them.


It was at this point that the consequences of the expedient behaviour started to unfold. The manufacturer checked the serial numbers of the access points and made the customer aware that this kit had been brokered. They also told them that due to this being the case the kit would be unsupported by the manufacturer. Therefore if the customer ever had a problem with the hardware and maybe needed support or a replacement part then this wouldn’t be permitted.


The circumstance gets worse for the salesman. The customer contacts him in a rather irate fashion, and demands for the wireless access points to be returned and for him to be refunded. He also swears to never buy from the salesman again.


So here’s the full list of consequences from the salesman’s expedient behaviour

  • He loses the whole sale and all the profit
  • He is lumbered with a number of wireless access points which he can’t return as they’ve been brokered – so he has a bill of tens of thousands on his books
  • He loses the customer forever – losing whatever future sales he may have made


Now if I’m brutally honest with you all this is a perfect storm, but it does aptly describe how poisonous expedient behaviour can be and how cataclysmic the ramifications can be.


Just be mindful not fall into this trap. As highlighted on many occasions, always strive to maintain the two key traits that will lead to long term sales relationships, those are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity


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