How To Measure Your Success


This article is more so directed at those whom are

  • Struggling to hit their sales targets
  • New to sales
  • Striving to be the best sales person in their business and/or industry


Without measurement we as sale people are powerless in our pursuit of improvement. Without a marker and a comparison, our ambition to improve cannot be fulfilled. Improvement of any kind needs to be quantitative, meaning that it can be measured.


Now most sales people measure themselves merely on their sales results to which they address:

  • Their current sales in relation to their target
  • Their current sales in comparison to their peers


Now unless you’re above target and out performing your peers then your sales figures are a relatively poor measurement to use in isolation. They’re of course important as they display the fruits of your labour, however, on their own your results are not the best indication.

The reason for this is that sales results merely show the sales here and now. Which is the pitfall that many sales people fall into. They have a good month or couple of months of sales which causes them to step off of the gas and become complacent. This results in poor sales results, not immediately, but a couple of months down the line.


This is what leads to many sales people having peaks and troughs in their sales figures throughout the year. They measure themselves on their sales figures, then they allow complacency to set in, which is reflected in their results later down the line, and they have to play catch up to once again build their sales up to the level they were at.


For many this cycle continually plays out throughout their sales career.


So we need to counteract this. Our findings at Sales Icon Coaching is that by far one of the most effective techniques to counteract this is to broaden our measurement criteria. So instead of solely measuring ourselves on our sales figures we extend this to include our sales activity, in conjunction with our figures.


The root of success in sales is consistency of activity. Wherever activity is present in fits and starts so will it be reflected in sporadic sales figures of peaks and troughs.


The best advice we can give is to start by recording your activity, in particular our wins. I have written and article on this previously which you can read here:


So start recording your activity. Tally the number of calls you make, which of them are cold calls, the number of people you get through to, the number of emails or direct mails you send out, the number of meetings you book.


Once you’ve started to record your activity you can then measure your success. Remember that consistency of activity is the key to success in sales. So set yourself a minimum threshold for how many cold calls, qualified calls or emails that you must make in a day or a week. Make this a challenging threshold and do not allow this criteria to be missed whatever the circumstance.


I reiterate again, the root of success in sales is consistency of activity!


So if you’re going to effectively measure your success in the future, then measure your activity as well as your sales results. This will take you from the realms of average or fluctuating sales results to a top performer or what we call a sales icon.


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