If You Give, You Get More Sales

Sometimes giving things away pays massive dividends. Often it can be the differentiator to your competitors, the gesture which gains you more air time, but most of all it’s even more exposure. That exposure with the buyer, in whatever format builds familiarity, which dissipates the buyers barriers and increases your chances of making the sale.


In this article we’re going to explain the concept of ‘Givers Gain’ starting with a great example, and then verging into some areas where you can give.


So let’s start with that example. Many of you will know of, or will have watched the Christmas classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. If you haven’t then just for your insight it is voted as one of the best Christmas films of all time. But why is this?


Well it maybe news to you that when it was first released in 1946, its reception from audiences and critics was poor. So much so that the film company that produced it, namely Liberty Films, went bust. It’s what happened next which was astounding.


In 1974 the movie entered the public domain, meaning that TV stations across the land could play the film at no cost and air it as many times as they wanted. Naturally, this meant that the film was aired on many channels regularly every Christmas. So the exposure of the film was much more than any other Christmas movie. It was due to this that the film became a fan favourite, despite its poor results when it was originally released. Overtime people saw it regularly every Christmas, and that regular and consistent exposure turned it from a flop to a fan favourite!


So what’s the point? Well if the film company hadn’t gone bust, chances are that this film would have been yet another movie which would sit in the failed and forgotten list. But because they went bust, the film was given away for free so the broadcasting firms used it regularly.


It the same in sales. Often the things that we give can lead to massive gains.

So what can you give away?


Well there are loads of things, from trials of products, to services such as consultancy. Every business out there has things it can give away.


Spend some time now to think about what things you can give away? What can you use to get more exposure with a buyer and become more familiar?


A word of caution though. Be mindful not to say they’re free, this discredits the value of what you give away. Have a read of my previous article on this below:




Try the concept of ‘Givers Gain’ I assure you that if executed correctly it can be a powerful and fruitful approach for any sales person.

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