We Recommend Reading This Book Over the Holidays

With the holidays coming up very soon, I plan to use some of the downtime for reading a few books as it’s one of my great loves in life.


If anyone out there is searching for their next sales book then I strongly recommend reading

  • How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger

It’s a fantastic read. I will share with you one great insight from the book. Not that I’m into poetry but this Poem on organisation really hit home with me, I hope that it lights a fire within you for change come the new year.


Here’s the poem from the book:


If I Could Just Get Organized by Douglas Malloch


There may be nothing wrong with you,

The way you live, the work you do,

But I can very plainly see

Exactly what is wrong with me.

It isn’t that I’m indolent,

Or dodging duty by intent;

I work as hard as anyone,

And yet I get so little done,

The morning goes, the noon is here,

Before I know, the night is near,

And all around me I regret,

Are things I haven’t finished yet.

If I could just get organized!

I oftentimes have realized

Not all that matters is the man;

The man must also have a plan.

With you, there may be nothing wrong

But here’s my trouble right along;

I do the things that don’t amount

To very much, of no account,

That really seem important though

And let a lot of matters go.

I nibble this, I nibble that,

But never finish what I’m at.

I work as hard as anyone

And yet, I get so little done,

I’d do so much you’d be surprised,

If I could just get organized!

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