How to Close More Business Using Prime Buying Conditions

If you want to become an effective closer of sales then you must become familiar with the concept of Prime Buying Condition.


Ask a question of yourself and your approach currently. How do you distinguish between your closing opportunities at the moment? Or maybe a better question is do you distinguish between your opportunities that are closing?


The truth is that most sales people don’t, they merely have a list of opportunities where the decision is due to be made this week, month or quarter. Their approach then is to rather aimlessly attempt to close them all, without any priority or intellectual focus.


Whilst you want to invest time on every closing opportunity, often it isn’t practical or even humanly possible depending on how busy you are.


So what we at Sales Icon Coaching encourage doing is identifying those prospects whom are in Prime Buying Condition.

We say a buyer is in prime buying condition if the following are in alignment

  • Timescales are now
  • High level of pain
  • High level of pleasure can be offered


If this pain pleasure stuff doesn’t make sense to you then do read the article on this below:


These three criteria are enough. If you find any opportunity whereby all three of these criteria are met then the prospect is in Prime Buying Condition.


That’s your time to act. When you become aware of this you should be like a dog with a bone, dedicated to closing that opportunity. Think of a predator hunting its prey, often their prime target will be the young, old or injured. Why? Because their chances of a successful hunt are higher when they target this type of prey as opposed the fit, strong and healthy.


Your sales approach should be no different. Those prospects in Prime Buying Condition are the likelier to close, so hone in on them and ensure that they do. Don’t merely identify whom if in Prime Buying Condition, act on it. Dedicate your time and activities to be weighted towards those opportunities in Prime Buying Condition.


A really big help for you would be to use the closing calculator, I have depicted below the two articles we wrote on the closing calculator below:


Part 1 –

Part 2 –


So on reflection of this information, the key take away from this article is not to treat all closing opportunities as the same. The failure that most sales people make is to only invest their time on the juicy deals, which often can be detrimental as other opportunities might be more worthy of their time. Use the closing calculator and be mindful of when prospects are in Prime Buying Condition, when they’re that’s your key time to ramp up your activity and the weight (level of influence) of those activities.

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