Sales Come From Consistency of Activity

In many of our articles we’ve divulged how typically the best sales people are those that are fanatical prospectors. Those individuals whom have the highest amount of activity on a consist basis. Whether that be through phone calls, emails, meetings, networking events, social selling activities etc.


We put the correlation down to the familiarity principle which we talk about in the below article if you missed it:


Basically the more familiar we become with anyone the more their barrier dissipate, “we develop greater positive feelings the more we are repeatedly exposed to something.” So the more familiar we are to a buyer the higher the chances of them buying from you.


That’s why the amount of activity in prospecting is key, we want to become familiar. In this article I’m going to broach a topic we discuss in the book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows, that topic we call the activity cradle.


Now to start with I want to link to a small bit of science. In physics there is a law called conservation of energy. This law addresses the fact that

energy is only ever passed from one form to another, it can never be destroyed

We encourage all sales icons to remember this fact as when we’re prospecting we are simply applying energy in the form of our prospecting activities such as phone calls, emails or meetings etc. The power and consistency of our activity has a correlated effect on the buyers likelihood to buy from us.


This is where we came up with the concept of the activity cradle. It’s a metaphorical expression for the collection of all activity we put in to a prospect. We explain this using such a metaphor because it creates a powerful and lasting image in your mind for every activity that you conduct. If you but visualise every activity adding some weight to your proposition then you’ll be more inclined to

  • Want to conduct activity
  • Be conscious of what activities have greater weight behind them


That’s the point I want to address, and why the activity cradle is so useful.


In one of my previous articles I talked about the Sales Gammar Ray which is your most powerful activity step in the sales process, if you missed this article you can find it here:


In the article we talked about how not all steps carry the same power or weight as others. What I mean by power or weight is their level of influence towards a sale. For instance take these two activity steps:


  1. 10 minute phone call with a prospect
  2. 1 hour meeting with a prospect


Which one has more power/weight? Well of course it’s a 1 hour meeting as it has greater influence of moving an opportunity towards a sale.


So to get the concept of the activity cradle first of all you must recognise that every activity has a different weight (size of influence).


The activity cradle is a metaphorical concept for how much weight you have added to your proposition. The cradle metaphorically holds all of your activities that you have applied.


The key concepts of adding weight to a proposition are:

–        Every activity adds weight

–        Some activities will add more weight that others

–        If we can determine the most compelling activities we can reduce our number of activities per opportunity, then bring in more opportunities and make more sales



So how do you use the activity cradle?

It’s a simple mentality change. Instead of aimlessly calling or emailing customers or prospects, take a step back. Think about what activities you have already used and the weight you have added to your proposition. This should help you ask questions of yourself such as:

  • Have I added enough weight to win the sale?
  • What activities could I use which will add more weight?


If we simply change our mindset to think of activities as adding weight, then we will be enthralled to conduct more and more activity and thus become a fanatical prospector and a sales icon.


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