The Innate Human Behaviour Which Influences Every Sale

In this article I’m going to introduce you to the innate human behaviour which influences every single sale that has or will ever be made.


The trait is so influential that we at Sales Icon Coaching have develop a new selling approach, solely based on this concept, so here goes.


All human beings have a certain level of tolerance before we get to the point where we have to change something. Take one of your previous jobs, why did you leave? The answer is either to gain pleasure or to escape pain. Tony Robbins explains this beautifully in many of his books, in that human behaviour all relates back to the principle of trying to gain pleasure or escape pain. Think about that previous job you left, I bet you moved because of some form of pain such as a poor manager, too much stress or workload, lack of career development etc.


If it wasn’t something of this nature then it was to gain pleasure such as a pay rise elsewhere, more flexibility, better job satisfaction etc. This principle of pain and pleasure is behind every human action and emotion and its key to understand this driver in order to sell to others, especially if you want to become a sales icon.


The thing to bear in mind though is that people have different tolerances for pain, and different desires for pleasure. Some people can tolerate more pain than others, some people are less concerned with pleasure and more concerned with escaping pain and some people can take a lot of pain as they know it will lead to pleasure.


We at Sales Icon Coaching have developed a fully-fledged sales technique which we’ve coined Pain and Pleasure Selling, it features heavily in the book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows.


The reason the technique is so powerful is because it coincides with the built in behaviour of human beings. But more importantly the majority of sales people out there will not use this. They’ll focus simply on finding a need and trying to fulfil it, or the old feature benefit sale. So those whom utilise the power of pain and pleasure selling with have a sizeable advantage over their competition.


Just to back up our point let’s use some of our research findings on purchasing decisions. Did you know that:


  • 70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems
  • 30% of people make purchasing decisions to gain something


sales icon - pain & pleasure selling


So next time you’re selling t to someone focus on Pain and Pleasure. Follow these rough steps

  1. Find out what their pains are
  2. Find out what their desired state of pleasure would be
  3. Develop a solution and demonstrate how it will take away their pain and if possible move them into their pleasure state


Follow these steps seamlessly and your sales will flourish!


If you want more in depth information on Pain & Pleasure Selling then do buy the soon to be released book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows, there will be future posts on Pain & Pleasuring Selling too so look out for them on the blog.


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