Never Lose A Sale Again

In one of my previous posts I touched on what we deem to be the main correlation between the best sales people, and the commonality is activity. More often than not the best sales people are fanatical about prospecting.


If you missed this article then do give it a read:


On this topic one of the Sales Icons I worked with had an example of the familiarity Principle at play recently which he couldn’t wait to tell me about.


He was working with a financial advisory firm whom he had spent months prospecting until he successfully obtained a meeting with them to present his software solution. Over the period of around nine months he had numerous meetings with them, but his timing was unfortunate. They had recently moved with a competitors solution and at the current time they were satisfied with it.


So on most occasions this would be the end of the sale process for the average sales person, typically a sales person would hear this and move onto the next prospect. But this sales icon acted differently. After this unsuccessful nine month spell this sales icon simply applied the familiarity principle, he tried to stay in the minds of his prospect which he did through occasionally:


  • Calling them to see how business was progressing
  • Emailing them product updates
  • Inviting them to regular thought leadership events


He didn’t pester, he didn’t push his solution he simply tried to stay in the minds of his prospect. The outcome? Well out of the blue a few weeks ago (which might I add was a year since his last meeting with them) the prospect emailed him saying he’s had some trouble with their software and that they’d like to evaluate his offering once again.


Now this is still ongoing, he hasn’t won the opportunity and he still may not win it. But he’s back in the running all through applying the familiarity Principle.


We all have a lesson to learn from this approach. If we as sales people can mimic the activity of this sales icon then in the long term we will drastically increase our sales. If for every opportunity that doesn’t materialise into a sale straight away we kept in their minds then when they come to review this again we’ll be the first name that the prospect thinks of.


That’s the key step – try to stay in your prospects mind!


At sales icon coaching we encourage all sales people to have the outlook of the basketball great Michael Jordan whom famously quoted


“I’ve never lost a game I just ran out of time.” – Michael Jordan


silhouette of men playing basketball


We should all approach sales in the same way. We never lose a sale, it’s a potential future sale – even if they opt with a competitor in the short term.


Keep up your activity and be in the minds of your prospects and you’ll be incredible successful in sales. The wider your span of the familiarity Principle (ie the more people you stay in the minds of) the larger your success will be!


For more sales insights such as this do follow the blog and look out for my soon to be released book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows.


  1. Great article Simon I agree with this! From my experience it takes 7 to 9 contact points before you get that secured appointment to be able to do a good fact find , needs analysis and then the bespoke presentation linked to their needs!

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