The Secret To What Makes The Best Salesperson – Familiarity Principle

The secret to being the best sales person is activity. With every business I have ever worked with, without question, the sales people whom are the best (as I would say the sales icons) are those with the most activity. It is fanatical prospecting which differentiates the average from those who excel.


Now don’t get me wrong they’ll be exceptions to the rule. But those exceptions won’t be through the individuals own work, they may have been fortunate to have been fed business by someone higher up or maybe even be lucky enough to have an area with some large accounts whom are legacy customers. If two sales people start at the same time with all of the same resources then the one whom will be more successful is the individual that outs in the hard graft of activity.


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So why is that? Why is activity so key? Well it all comes down to something known as the familiarity principle, also known as the exposure effect.


The familiarity principle or exposure effect suggests that we develop greater positive feelings the more we are repeatedly exposed to something. The science behind this is that an individual will feel less threatened by something that they are familiar with. The research into this is proven and that’s why many businesses try to take advantage of this fact. Think of advertising, big businesses spend millions on television, radio and written advertisement. They’re not doing this to force you to rush out and buy their product or service straight away, sure they’d love it if that was the effect. What they are doing in advertisements is applying the exposure effect, they want you to become familiar and comfortable with their product or service so that there’s a higher chance you’ll buy it over a competitor in the future.


Personal relationships work in the same manner, studies on this familiarity principle in relation to interpersonal attraction have shown that the more often a person is seen by someone the more pleasing and likeable that person appears to be. This explains why back in school the kid you walked to and from school with became your best friend. It also gives a reason as to why work colleagues often become close friends. The more we see, associate and converse with a person, the more our barriers drop, creating a level of familiarity between you both.


This is why activity is so key. It’s the reason why the sales people whom conduct the most prospecting often are the top sales people, they become familiar with their prospects and customers and that leads to sales. We need to be conscious of this familiarity principle in our sales role, we need to make sure that we are conducting ample activity for those prospects and customers to feel less threatened by us and make it easier for us to sell to them.


So if you want to be a sales icon and the best sales person or industry then earn it through activity! The more activity you conduct the more familiar you become with your prospects or customers and the more sales you will make.


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