This is Your Most Powerful Sales Step

I was reading the other day about the most powerful force in the universe. Without getting too in depth into the science of it, the most powerful force known to man is something called a ‘Gammar Ray Burst’


In essence it is an extremely energetic explosion caused from the collapse of the largest stars in the universe (150 X Our Sun) or the collision of two neutron stars. It’s said that the power of such a force has the same amount of energy as 10 trillion trillion billion megaton bombs – so pretty they’re pretty powerful!


I know what you’re thinking – I thought this was a sales blog not a science blog, let me get to my point.


yellow sphere illustration


Well reading this article got me thinking. In particular about forces and their power. It made me ask the question of myself of what’s my most powerful sales step/action? My Sales Gammar Ray if you will – forgive me if it sounds cheesy but giving it a name like this will mean you remember it.


One subject I haven’t broached yet is that of activity steps. In that not all steps carry the same power or weight as others. What I mean by power or weight is their level of influence towards a sale. For instance take these two activity steps:


  1. 10 minute phone call with a prospect
  2. 1 hour meeting with a prospect


Which one has more power/weight? Well of course it’s a 1 hour meeting as it has greater influence of moving an opportunity towards a sale.


I’m going to have a few articles soon about this so don’t fret too much if you want to know more on this subject.


Back to my Sales Gammar Ray. As I comprehended the most powerful force known to man it made me think about what my most powerful sales step or activity is in my sales tool kit? Is there one action or step that is so powerful and has such a massive influence that it drives an opportunity towards a sale?


At the time it motivated me to conduct some research with a few of the customers I was working with. My findings have been that what works for one business might not necessarily work for another. Hence each business may have a different Sales Gammar Ray. To help you think about what yours could be I’m going to give you two examples of businesses I worked with:


Example 1

The first businesses Sales Gammar Ray was an activity step they called a paid for Assessment, where their customer invested in some initial consultancy for them to scope their solution. My studies with them found that when they could get a customer to commit to a paid for assessment then 90% of the time this would lead to them winning the opportunity. Their process and solution design after a paid for assessment was so slick and profound that they almost always won the sale. After my analysis of their sale process and highlighting these findings I tasked their sales team with using this as their Sales Gammar Ray whenever possible as this greatly improved their chances of success. So every opportunity their goal would be to try and sell a paid for assessment.


Example 2

The second businesses Sales Gammar Ray was a different activity step completely. My studies with them uncovered that when they were able to get their prospect to agree to visit their head office, their chances of making a sale increase by 50% which was a drastic improvement for them. So with this information their sales staff were then encouraged to get prospects to come and visit their head office.


Hopefully these two examples help you understand the value of your Sales Gammar Ray. Now it’s time to find out what yours is. If you’re set on becoming a Sales Icon then identifying what your Sales Gammar Ray is will be essential. So take some time now, sit down and review every opportunity that you have won. Then look for common denominators in the sales process, what steps are mimicked often? Is there any activity step which when used influenced the customer to buy with you? Find this out and you’ll have one of the secrets of success in sales.


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