Likeable People Make More Sales

My wife and I went to buy a new car on the weekend. My wife had met with the sales person two times already for me it was the first time. I was already eager to meet with him, not only to discuss their terms and the offer, but more so to see how he sells. From being a sales person myself I love to sit in the buyers seat for a change, I relish seeing what sales techniques people use in different professions so here was my chance.


He was a young and slightly inexperienced guy, but tenacious and eager at the same time. In our meeting he made the odd mistake, showed his hand a little too soon, wasn’t the most organised etc. But it all was discounted by the fact that he was incredibly likeable.


He was such a personable friendly chap that you wanted him to do well!



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For me this was like a breath of fresh air. I’m guilty as probably many sales people are out there of over-engineering my sales approach, trying to read into what the buyer is telling me, trying to plan the logical next steps to progress the opportunity to a sale. Whilst there is nothing wrong with any of this, it shouldn’t take supremacy over the primitive sales step of being liked.


But this experience with this car salesman took me back to basics and made me realise how powerful likeability can be.


Typically likeability is often overlooked in sales, but it shouldn’t be. If people like you then chances are that they’re going to buy from you. I can categorically say that I wouldn’t buy from someone I didn’t like.


So if you’ve ever been told that you have a likeability factor then use this to you advantage.


By no means will this alone get you by in sales, but it will put you ahead of many of your peers. If you can add the likeability factor to some other sales acumen then you’re on the road to becoming a sales icon.


So the take away from this article is to take a conscious step to go back to basics, focus on being likeable. If you mess up your pitch, forget to ask the right questions, or any mistake of that nature then likeability will get you through.


Building rapport is a great way to develop likeability, for assistance with this please do read my previous article on rapport building:


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