Sales Icon Challenge – Drop in Calls

I and the sales team at sales icon coaching have set a challenge for next week which I’d like to publicise to my network in the hope that the odd sales person out there maybe compelled to take up the challenge too.


So here goes:


Challenge – to conduct 100 or more drop in calls at prospects next week


We’d love for some of you out there to join us by doing the same for your prospects, what’s there to lose?!


20 a day, that’s all you need. Stipulations for everyone are:


  • Must be prospects
    • No current customers


  • Must leave something with them
    • Not just a business card – write-up a nice letter, add a brochure and a business card – something that stands out from the crowd


  • Don’t expect the world
    • If you get airtime with the decision maker then it’s been a success. But even if you only find out a decision makers name, their contact details and who they’re using then again it’s a success. Imagine what 100 more insights on prospects would do for you prospecting


  • Follow up
    • The most important step of all. Schedule in your diary or CRM system to follow-up, fail to follow up and you’re just wasting your time


So those out there whom want to pave the way to their dreams, join us in your own way. See if you can do 100 drop in calls next week too, I promise you the rewards will be worth it in the long run.

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