Why Sales People Should Understand Every Part of Their Own Business

Buyers don’t like the unknown. They want assurances for what they are buying into with you and your business. It is for this reason that it’s important that we understand every facet of the process within our respective businesses.


Just reflect for a moment that you’re in the buying seat for once. You’re sitting down with a sales person whom you’re thinking about buying from and this sales person is scintillating. Not only do they know their solution like the back of their hand, they also have knowledge of the entire process from then on in and explain this meticulously to you. You feel at ease!


Here is the missing link for most sales people. Most sales people have knowledge of their solution and the sales side of things, where they fall down however is that they don’t know what happens with the rest of the process when it passes from them to other peers in their business.


For instance what’s the onboarding process? Whom will be in touch from their service or admin team? What information will they be asking for? You get the gist. Many sales people know their processes from a sales perspective, they fail in their lack of knowledge of the rest of the business processes and the processes of colleagues whom will also engage with the customer.


If we but have an understanding of all the facets of our own business, it will aid us in instilling confidence in the prospect or customer we engage with.



Let me use an example. We all know of the actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, famed for roles in ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’ ‘Amistad,’ ‘Nixon’ etc, you’ve probably seen many of his greats.


He’s one of the most renowned actors in the world, winner of an Oscar, a Golden Globe and four BAFTA awards. But what sets him apart from other actors?


Well one thing you may not know about Sir Anthony Hopkins is that he does things differently than any other actor. Most actors learn their lines and practice how they’re going to react to their peers lines when on set. Sir Anthony goes above and beyond, he not only learns his own lines but he learns the lines of everyone else too.


For him, learning the whole script makes everything more natural and second nature. He can get into the character of the roles whom his peers are playing so that his acting reflects the environment and mood that the director is trying to create.


Imagine if you did this too? What if you were in front of a customer and you could explain exactly how admin will interact with them? What they’ll ask for? How they’ll help in the future? What if you could explain the returns process to a tee? Whom the main people are the customer will speak to? How long it takes on average? The process they follow to place a return?


For some reason we as sales people inherently have the outlook of “it’s not my job!” Well from this moment you should make it your job to know. If knowing the processes of your colleagues enables you to make an extra sale then it’s more than worth it.


So take this tip from Sir Anthony, know your business like he knows the script and lines for everyone else. He’s used this technique to excel in his field and win awards and you can be the same. If you fully understand your business, it’s processes and the roles of your peers then you can experience the same level of success as Sir Anthony Hopkins.


So the key take away, know your business, not just your sales role!

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