Sales – The Importance of Trials

In this article I’m going to identify the reason why trials and proof of concepts are so valuable. If you want to improve your sales then try focusing on this approach.


Let me start with highlighting a sales technique, some of you may have heard of the drug dealer sales technique before, if you haven’t then let me explain.


Drug dealers are renowned for poaching new business customers with a fantastic first experience. If they have a new customer then often they’ll use one of two approaches:


  • Offer a freebie
    • as they’re confident the user will become hooked and come back to them
  • Offer their best grade drug to create a positive first experience
    • Then on later sales drop the quality of product


We have much to learn from such an approach. The key being, the art of the sale is in the first experience.


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Psychologists whom have looked into human behaviour and psychology have found that first experiences dramatically effect an individuals future decision making. Juliusson, Karlsson, and Garling (2005) found that when an individual experiences something positive from a decision they are more likely to decide in a similar way given a similar situation. The converse is true also, people tend to avoid repeating past mistakes.


If we know this then why aren’t we using this to our advantage? First of all we should be using the drug dealer sales technique through either a freebie or trial of our product or solution. The plan is to give the prospect first-hand experience of how great you are so they get a taste of what they’re missing out on.


Securing a trial or offering a freebie isn’t enough though, this is only half of the battle. This first experience is essential, we already mentioned how a positive first experience will lead a person to opt the same way in the future. So we need to make sure that first experience is exceptional!


So how can you do this? What are the things that you can do to make the first experience exceptional for your prospects? Crack this and then just like a drug addict, they’ll keep coming back for more!


Here are the core three tips I would recommend for an outstanding first experience:

  • Communicate
    • Do this often, gain feedback and make sure the prospect is aware of everything that’s is going on and when
  • Monitor
    • Monitor things your side. Make sure the things that are meant to happen do happen, and at the time they should
  • Advise
    • Give the prospect advice as to how they can get the most out of the trial or freebie


If you’ve got to this stage in the sale then you’re so close to being successful and making that sale. Don’t make the mistake of letting things run their course without your influence. Do everything you can to build an exceptional first experience for the prospect.


So the take away is:

1 – Come up with something you can offer on a trial or freebie that gives the prospect a taste

2 – Develop a plan to ensure the first experience is exceptional


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