Secret to a 6 Figure Salary in Your Sales Role

So why did you get into sales? Most sales peoples answer to this is to make money. Some have other motivations but deep down, money, in particular commission, is the overriding factor to why people embark on a sales career.


Why else would we do it? Sales isn’t easy, we’re genetically programmed to struggle with rejection and here we are in a career path enduring rejection every single day. So the money is a big factor!


Most sales people I speak to want to be making the same or more money than the top professions, the likes of doctors, lawyers, accountants. Well let’s just take a second to look at the sort of earnings in those professions:



Salary Range


£54k (first 5 years)

£76k (5-10 years)

£100k (10-15 years)

£181k (15+ years)

Chartered Accountant

£56k (2-4 years)

£110k (5+ years)


£54k – £103k (average)


We as sales people want to be making six figures on target earnings per annum.


sales icon - £100k Mindset


The thing that many sales people miss here is the graft to getting to this salary range. All these top professions put in a lot of work to get where they are, just to qualify their training regimes are:


  • Solicitor – 5-6 years of training
  • Chartered Accountant – 2-4 years of training
  • Doctor – 4 years undergraduate degree + 3-7 years of residency training


Then they’ll be ongoing study throughout their career.


But what do we have a sales people? I can remember when I started my sales career I was lucky enough to have 13 days formal sales training, then I was thrown out into the world to sell. Some people never have any formal sales training at all.


Here is where the massive opportunity lies for you. If you were a Solicitor, Chartered Accountant or Doctor then it has taken years of study to obtain your qualifications to simply put you on par with your peers. We don’t have that in sales. Therefore even a little bit of training and education can put you in front of your peers and competitors.


But why stop there? If you want to earn the top salaries, be the leader in your field and become a sales icon then train like one. Hold yourself in higher regard, make personal study a habit. Learn all you can on sales techniques, time management, organisation, psychology etc. If you put in the sort of study that top professions have to then you’ll earn the same if not more than them.


Make this investment in yourself and you’ll fall in the top earners bracket. Even if it’s just an hour or two a week, refine your skills and improve through self-study. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be posting about some books which have helped me in this area so watch out for them as I’m sure the insights will be valuable. Do follow my blog so you don’t miss a post.

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