The Power of Doing Things Differently!

This post is about the power of doing things differently, about looking at our practices and trying something in a new way.


But first of all why should we do things differently? Well I’ve got a gem of a story yet to come which highlights why we should sometimes question why we do things in a certain way.


But first of all let’s have a look at social behaviours. It’s funny how much human beings truly are creatures of habit. I’m the biggest culprit out there. I park in the same parking spots in a car park, I stick to the same routines in my diet, gym workouts, hobbies, work practices etc.


For me I constantly need to be asking myself, could this be done better? Why am I doing it this way? Am I doing this because it’s the most effective way or because that’s the way I’ve always done it?


It’s funny because in my career, through asking empowering questions of this nature I have developed some disciplines which have revolutionised my own and many other sales peoples careers.


So before I get to the story I want to mention that the only take away from this post is that I want you to start asking yourself empowering questions like

  • What would make this better?
  • What’s another way to do this?


It is these empowering questions that will help you to change your ways of working for the better.


Now to invoke some desire within you I want to use one quick example and that’s bee keeping. We all know how bee keepers harvest honey, think of the picture below:




They dress up in stupidly large protective clothing, disrupt a hive of hard working bees with smoke just to get at their sweet nectar. Did you know that this practice has been the same since 1860?!


That’s almost 180 years that no one has questioned the status quo. Every bee keeper has simply accepted this as the done thing and followed suit.


That was until the Australian pair of Stuart and Cedar Anderson came along. They invented an ingenious solution called the Flow Hive 2 which was made famous by becoming Indiegogo’s highest-funded project ever with excess of $14m invested.


flow hive 2.jpg


Their ingenuity has made harvesting honey as simple as turning a tap and watching 3kg of pure fresh honey pour out into a jar. No more suits, no more smoke, no more disruption to bees, and most of all no more getting stung! This all came from the pair thinking differently and not accepting a process as gospel!


So be like them! I’m not saying question everything you do and every process you follow, but there will be some that are worth questioning. Start asking empowering questions of yourself today. Don’t let it be the case that you follow a certain process for 180 years when it can be improved.


Think bee keeping and see how you can improve!


Have a look at their page on indiegogo below if you’d like to know more or if you’d like to invest in them:–2#/

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