What the Sales-icon Blog is for?

First of all thank you for visiting my site and blog. I hope this is one of many times that you visit!


Initially I feel it apt to explain to everyone what this site and blog is for. Essentially the site and my blog are here to help prospective sales people fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams through a successful career in sales.


Many of the items I will blog about come from my soon to be published book Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows.


Of course the blog is here to promote the book, I won’t lie. But most of all it’s here to help sales people like you!


Some of you whom read this may be seasoned veterans in sales or even novices. I obviously need to cater for everyone, therefore some items I discuss may be elementary for some, but incredibly rewarding for others. I can’t promise you that everything I post will change your sales success straight away, but I can assure you that there will be some gems you can steal and make your own.


My premise for writing comes from my own experience and a burning desire to coach and help other peers. I noticed at an early stage in my sales career that I did things differently from my peers and for that reason my results were different from them. I saw the pitfalls and struggles of sales people and experienced them myself too. My blog is to aid those in navigating around those pitfalls, to fulfil their potential and become successful.


I began my sales career with a thirst for learning everything I could about selling. I read books, I studied sales leaders, I evaluated peers. Books were my most valuable resource and I must say that I’ve been the beneficiary of many a sales book in my time. But from reading hundreds of books on the topic I was left troubled as to how to become the best sales person I can be.


The problem I found with most sales books is that many of them focus on intangible characteristic improvements. Things like you need to be more enthusiastic or become a good listener or be persistent. Whilst these are all desirable traits, I was always left with uncertainty around how I can improve, what are the logical steps I can take to be a better sales person.


This lead me to write my book, where instead of brash statements about characteristics you need to have or improve, I focus on a clear structure of disciplines you can follow in your journey to becoming a sales icon.


The blog will feature many insights from the book and more.


So wherever you are in your sales career, I promise you that there will be some insightful gems in my blog posts which will help you improve. If you only take away one gem that helps you make a sale then reading my blog has been worth it!


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